Enter an excited state: The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar is diving into the EV world. No, not with their E-Pace but with the I-Pace. Yes I agree, the naming convention is confusing. Regardless, what’s not confusing is the fact that 512 pound-feet of torque available from a dead stop is an intoxicating bit of engineering.

As more automakers bring ever more electric vehicles online, competition will breed greatness. More range, more power, and top-tier build quality are in store for the next generation of EVs. And there’s one at nearly all pricing segments for shoppers out there. On the lower end you have the (very good, FYI) Hyundai Kona Electric and the higher end is outfitted with the likes of the Tesla Model X, this Jaguar I-Pace, and a handful more are just over the horizon.

A week spent with the Jaguar I-Pace showed that the British automaker has put a lot of effort into making this car a strong first effort. There were no rattles. The in-cabin environment is delightfully quiet. That aforementioned thrust never gets old. Sure, the price is a bit high ($89k as tested) but that’s my only real complaint here.

Were I in the market for such a vehicle, there’s no question the I-Pace would be near the top of my shopping list.

[Disclaimer: Jaguar tossed us the keys to the I-Pace and included a fully charged battery pack. Additionally, they let us use their ChargePoint account to recharge when needed.]

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