Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Hatchbacks with Dramatically Curved Rear Quarter Glass

Quite out of the blue, Mrs. Tanshanomi suggested that my weekly adventure in pedantry should task all of you with naming hatchbacks that had, “those wraparound rear windows — you know, like the AMC Pacer.” Why that? I asked. [Actually, it was more like, “Huh?…Why?…What?”] “Because,” she explained, “you never see those sort of curved side windows on hatchbacks nowadays. It was cool, and it’s gone.” The fact that that specific thought popped into her head unprompted made me realize how incredibly lucky I am. But, in any case, here we are. I have no idea what we’ll end up with, but SWMBO is being obeyed; today’s entry in the Canon of Hoonatic Lore requires you to name hatchbacks with dramatically curved rear quarter glass. Is that bit of styling really gone, or can you name one among current or recent cars? Or perhaps your favorite vintage ride? Was it ever really here?
The Caveats (there are always caveats):

  • H-A-T-C-H-B-A-C-K. Not sedan, coupe or pickup truck. If it doesn’t have a hatch out back, it’s a no-go. Got it?
  • We are talking specifically about the windows on either side of the hatch, not the part that lifts up. One-piece glass hatches don’t count.
  • The line between hatchbacks and wagons — and wagons and SUVs — can be a bit of a judgement call. So you can go there, as long as the rear door is hinged upwards, like a hatchback’s. [Yes, I know there are potentially a metric bunchload of old ’40s–’50s wagons that fit the description, but they’re cool, so what could it hurt to list them all. See? I’m feeling generous today.]
  • Customs, kit cars, concept cars, etc. are fair game, but they should be at least moderately cool and interesting. Duh.

Difficulty: Maximum 4 lb. test (6 lb. test for fluorocarbon)
How This Works: Read the comments first and don’t post duplicates. Bonus points for adding photos. Remember, you can simply paste in the raw image URL now, thanks to the magic of Disqus.
Image Source: AMC press photo via oppositelock.kinja.com.


    1. I’ve never seen that concept before. And there’s a SUB-compact Gremlin prototype next to it!

  1. Integra three door. All three generations had it in some form or another, but the one that fits this category best is the DB2. Picture not of mine, but is essentially identical.

    1. Oh, he’s feeling generous? In that case this encyclopedia lacks the supreme king of all curved quarter windows.

    1. I thought those are side hinged and was looking for a picture of one that had rolled over. I’ll stop looking now.

      1. It’s side-hinged, but based on the liberties in other posts, 2 out of three ain’t bad.

    1. The Frua/Lamborghini Faena adjacent is too crisply creased to care about ‘dramatic curves’.

    1. So does the airbrake on the side!
      And the fart can helps melt the bumper when you’re sideways…

  2. 1914 Alfa Romeo 40-60 Aerodinamica


    But that’s not a hatchback, you say, the back doesn’t lift up, you say.

    I smile coyly, and say quietly that, oh, it does.

    You just need a saw.


    And therefore, I have also found the first hatchback with curved rear quarter windows that also double as the windshield.

    I shall now accept your praise.

    1. This was one time when the “load more” of the post option gave perfect dramatic pause!
      I show you praise with an arrow up click.

  3. The rear window on the Studebaker Land Cruiser is so ridiculously curved that it basically fulfills the role of quarter windows as well.
    And no, Toyota didn’t invent this name. In fact by mere or not so mere coincidence they thought up the name in very exactly the last year it was used by Studebaker, and more or less seamlessly introduced it on their own car which would go on to become far more iconic than the original Land Cruiser.

    1. And speaking of Toyota’s Land Cruiser, I finished the other post without even realizing that the Toyota model features some equally groovy windows, and this time they’re actually quarter glasses.

    2. And speaking of Toyota’s Land Cruiser, I finished the other post without
      even realizing that the Toyota model features some equally groovy glasses, and this time they’re actually quarter windows.
      Edit: Also I just realized that the Studebaker isn’t actually a hatchback and that I once again completely missed the objective with my first post. The Toyota is though, at least the upper 60%, and that’s a pass.

    1. Aww, dang. My reading skills are lacking today. I saw curved glass and immediately thought of the Riv. Sorry everybody. I’ll go sit in the corner now.

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