Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Cars with roll down rear windows

There was a time when cars had large windows. A time when there was no need for blind-spot sensors because they were so small. And there were many vehicles that allowed all windows to be rolled down. This was especially common with full-size SUVs and station wagons. This was because years ago they all had tailgates and not hatches like they all do today. 
But there were a few non-wagon, non-utility cars that also had roll down rear windows, such as the above Honda Del Sol. Today we are looking for those cars with roll down rear windows. 
The Caveats (there are always caveats):

  • No body-on-frame vehicles such as SUVs and pickup trucks. There are too many of them, too easy. 
  • No station wagons, same reasons. 
  • Concept cars are allowed, why not?
  • Roll down rear solid panels are allowed simply because I don’t know if such thing even exists. 
  • Other non-conventional opening rear windows get partial credit. Or extra credit, depending on obscurity and/or innovation. 

Difficulty: 6.5 out of 8, enjoy the summer breeze. 
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Image source: Honda


          1. I know all about the cargo capacity of these things. I drove a 1977 Corvette while in college. It had room for one big suitcase, a book bag, and two 6X9 speakers in a small speaker boxes. That’s it!

          2. Mine was a ’69. With the T tops stowed, two small duffel bags was about all the additional luggage that would fit.

    1. While this is a body-on-frame vehicle, the “Breezeway” Mercury is the poster child for roll down backlight and is in the spirit of the assignment.

          1. Some cars are body-on-frame
            Some cars are body-on-frame
            Some cars are body-on-frame
            Some cars are body-on-frame
            …sorry I’ve clearly been spending too much time on Twitter

    1. Yep. The vertical back window can be raised and lowered independently of the top, which allows it to serve as a wind blocker when the top is down.

    1. But not the Ford Anglia (aka Harry Potter car) that shared the same reverse-angled window

    1. Did the early RT10 even have a rear window? I remember that the raincoat t-top/targa top was an afterthought and not meant to be attached while at speed.

    1. I passed a hatchback one of those on my way home from work the other day, and realized I don’t recall ever seeing one with the wagon roof though I’ve known of it for ~30 years. (Thanks, new-cars-for-198x edition of Parade magazine!)

    2. I had one and drove it once in full convertible mode. The experience was essentially the same as just taking the t-tops off, not worth the trouble

      1. Yes, I know. But the ’67-’68 models were the only ones with the “normal” sedan roofline.

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