Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Cars That Are Things

Cars overwhelmingly look like…cars. But sometimes intrepid individuals (or marketing firms) desire to gain attention by making cars that look like other things. What sort of things? Anything you can name, from scaled-up telephones to tiny dirigibles. And that’s what we’re looking for today: any vehicle intentionally shaped like something other than a car.
[Thanks to our own Robert Emslie for this suggestion! If there’s a topic you want the Hooniverse hive-mind to explore in the marble slabs papyrus scrolls electronic bits that make up Encyclopedia Hoonatica, send your topic to the Hooniverse tips line.]
The Caveats (there are always caveats):

  • Obviously, we’re not talking about production models, here. Promotional vehicles, custom show cars, homemade art cars, any sort of one-off is acceptable.
  • It can’t just be an odd looking car (covered with pennies, etc.), it has to look like something else.
  • Likewise, it CAN’T just look like a car carrying something, such as an energy drink, a a wristwatch, or a lion. The entire body of the vehicle has to be the “thing.” Sure, you’ll see wheels and chassis parts here and there, but if you can tell the model or manufacturer of the source vehicle, it’s probably not what we’re looking for.
  • Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other land vehicles are all good. Don’t know how big a rabbit hole boats would be. I’m including airplanes just because I’ll be really impressed if somebody’s built a flyable airplane that looks like a princess phone or a teacup.

Difficulty: Like playing soccer against giant tortoises.
How This Works: Read the comments first and don’t post duplicates! Bonus points for adding photos.
Image Sources: wheresmatthew.com, Higgs56.com, Eric Lindbloom’s Flickr feed.


          1. Ohh Ohh Can we get a post about these on A.T.???
            Pleeze Pleeze Pleeze?
            And it’s clay tablets around here folks. Nothing else matches their archival

      1. Maybe it would help if someone could photoshop in a 6 year old dressed as an adult, and a 40 year old dressed like a child?

      1. Exactly. Well, assuming you count pickup trucks and microbusses as cars.
        But they look like DIFFERENT cars. The Power Wagon is an apartment. The Bug is a fire truck. Not sure about the bus.

    1. I’ve heard a rumour that these are the ONLY cars banned from Le Mons, for fear of diluting the series.

      1. Not because of the wheelbase shorter than the track width?
        The directional instability must be a hoot at any speed above walking pace.

    1. I’ve heard of this one, and knew it sprayed water from the beak, but its other abilities are even more astounding:

      “To make sure the Swan’s other amenities befit the marque, Matthewson had a multi-note, exhaust-driven horn installed that he could play on a keyboard in the rear seat, but an even more startling way to clear the roads ahead was the swan’s beak, which emitted a jet of scalding water onto anyone in the way. Other features: glowing eyes, Indian silk upholstery, plenty of gold leaf, brushes to keep the wheels clean while moving, and an “orifice” round back that would deposit whitewash on the roads. Because sometimes a swan’s gotta go.”


    1. No, that’s clearly a Brass Era Automobile With Horse Affixed Also.
      (for those who don’t get the Kienholz reference, perhaps you shouldn’t Google it at work.)

    1. Registering at the DMV should be easy. I mean, all you need are headlight (check), tail lights (check), turn signals (check), functional horns (check).

  1. “Obviously, we’re not talking about production models, here.”
    How about an honorable exception for the wittily named Nissan S-Cargo which really does look like a snail?
    They have become quite common around here and tany sighting always makes me smile.

  2. the couch and the orange are both Edd China inventions as are the shed, the builders skip and the office desk. theres a company running track days in the Uk using Edd’s inventions as the track cars
    it appears he also built the doubledecker cars that TopGear used in the international challenges, he made a bathtub sidecar too
    let google images be your guide as i’m a bit thick to be inserting images here

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