Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Cars Named for Nobility and Royalty

I’ve noticed that people who believe in reincarnation and claim to have knowledge of past lives invariably identify themselves as having been Cleopatra or William the Conqueror. Nobody ever insists they were Oarman #12 on a Phoenician warship or an underage Whitechapel prostitute who died of syphilis. Despite the fact that the impoverished and ordinary population of the world has always greatly outnumbered the privileged ruling elite, we all see ourselves as somehow deserving of a royal title and the privileged lifestyle that accompanies it. This is perhaps why so many car names allude to hereditary nobility.
This is your commenting task for this Monday: name all the vehicles named for royalty, the trappings of royalty such as crowns and thrones, or other aristocratic titles.
Special thanks to for suggesting this topic.
The Caveats (there are always caveats):

  • References to simply being a ruler, leader or politician are not the same as nobility or royalty. A Dictator, for example, would not fit in this category because there’s no implication of inherited status or social class.
  • Manufacturers’ marques, model names and trim lines are all fair game. Slang and nicknames are not.
  • The names of concept cars, race cars, one-offs and stillborn prototypes are only allowable if it was an officially-bestowed name by an automotive manufacturer, recognized coachwork or styling house, or George Barris.
  • Cars, light and heavy trucks, motorcycles are all fair game. No boats, ships or airplanes, please. Well, okay, I’ll throw in hovercraft and autogyros just to be generous.

Difficulty: Easy peasy George & Weezy.
How This Works: Read the comments first and don’t post duplicates! Bonus points for adding photos.
Image Source: Wikipedia. Twice.


    1. 12.8L in just 8 cylinders, block and head as one casting. Removing valves required a full tear-down, and valve removal was a common maintenance step.

    1. I can see it now… Remove all glass. Add an external cage. Strip the paint away to bare metal. Shove a massive military tractor axle out back, with another driven axle up front. Boggers all around. Power it with the world’s largest supercharged gas V8. Zoomies pointing off in all directions, which double as flame throwers. A sneaky 360-degree powered turret hiding underneath.

  1. One of my W126’s nicknames is “Mufasa”. Does that count?
    Another one is “Buttercup”, since you asked.

    1. Oh, at least I found a King Cobra! Never seen a real one in my life (I’m from Italy) but drove it so much in Forza Motorsport 2, many many races… I don’t know why but I felt in love with it 🙂

    1. That’s a tough one to call, because “Lebaron” actually means “of the baron,” and referred to a knight or domestic who served in a baron’s house. Kind of the opposite of sovereignty.

    1. I can’t see a photo of the Campagna T-Rex without immediately hearing Binärpilot’s “Cyborg T-Rex” as a soundtrack in my head.
      [audio src="https://binaerpilot.no/releases/b-sides/7_binaerpilot_-_cyborg_t-rex.mp3" /]

        1. yap, and they had that nine inch rear with 5 lug discs, the only one that bolts directly in your mustang/fairlane/torino fastback.

  2. Moon Windsor White Prince. The Moon company got into a little trouble with the English royal family over the name, but the car didn’t last long anyway.

      1. Yes, the factory added those at each front corner after issues arose with the first few production models in situations of strenuous cornering. Or moderate cornering. Or just plain cornering.

    1. My local museum has one of these, and while I only saw it once, it was still enough to fall in love…

      From a more manly perspective, those doors are awesome!

      1. Great minds .. thinking and such – of all that crap listed above ( except for the Batmobile)
        kinda – give me the Black Prince Vincent Joe Crow

  3. I present the Kingswood Estate. As a youth, I_Borgward was hauled around in one just like this, except in dark blue metallic.
    There is also, of course, the lesser Kingswood model which, to confuse the motoring public, had no woodgrain trim on the sides.

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