eBay Dream Racing Sweepstakes: Behind the scenes

dream racing sweepstakes

We’ve told you about the contest, we’ve shown you the car, and now we’re going to examine the eBay Garage Dream Racing Sweepstakes in a different manner. We’re going behind the scenes for a look at how the film and photographers put together the promotional package.

If your subject is an expensive car, perhaps it’s wise to utilize expensive equipment. From the cameras to the jib arms, the Dream Racing team utilized serious tools to get the job done professionally. Oh, they also had a helicopter. Oh to have a racetrack, wildly expensive cameras, a chopper, and a fleet of Ferrari race cars to play with…

Well, that last part you could possibly check off the list. Simply head over to eBay Motors and get cracking. You simply have to create a garage profile and upload pictures of your vehicle. It’s easy, and the prizes are worth the tiny bit of time you’ll devote to entering. Also, hop past the jump to check out the behind the scenes video. Some narration to explain what exactly was being done would be nice, but the visuals are fun too.

For full rules, head here. For more information, head here.

[Disclaimer: eBay is sponsoring the messaging of this content on Hooniverse. We only run sponsored content that we create, and we think you’ll enjoy. Racing a Ferrari on a race track in Las Vegas fits the bill rather nicely.]


Some behind the scenes photos can be seen here.

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