Easter Weekend Edition: Weirdness in Helsinki


We’re spending the long weekend in Helsinki, as it’s Eastertime over here and there’s not only Friday but also Monday off work. Springtime is so early, it almost feels like summer, so it’s a good idea to stroll the streets and wander round the parks and generally enjoy the warmth and sunshine. All the grass is brown after the winter and there’s no leaves in the trees, but the streets are alive with interesting cars.

Here’s a couple of sightings for your perusal.


This sky blue Citroën Dyane 6 is as late as 1982, believe it or not.



The front is delightfully derpy, it almost looks like a rabbit of sorts. 602 cc:s of French excellence in there.


It also appears to have done a Lapland run with other 2CV:s.


This is exactly the kind of Wrangler I would like to have. My GF also likes the idea of an early Grand Cherokee.


This dirty and slightly run-down looking 900 Turbo had a leather interior finished in Oxblood red.


It did appear to be more beaten than my Saab.


This washed-out Polo was also more worn down than my own. This might run, though.


Hella cool, this Bronco, as it wears Jumbo 220:s on the front.


Definitely a cool enough town vehicle.


At this point, we enjoyed a Tuborg or two at the Sinebrychoff park nearby. Perfect spot to just sit down and relax.


This ’68 Falcon Futura proudly wore a “289” badge on the front fender.


What would “Rock Patrol” actually do? Do they routinely bust Nickelback listeners?


I imagine all the wrong-doers get transported in the back.


And we’re finishing with this well-survived example of a gold Cherry. Like the Saab, it also has a steering lock to fend anyone trying to grab it.

[Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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