Dumpy Weekend Edition: The Saab 96 looks best in brown

saab_96_30 Could this be the best-looking promotional image of the Saab 96? The earthy brown suits the duck-billed late model car so very well. Browsing through these shots, I am just imagining how it would have felt like to drive around the nordic fields in a factory fresh little Saab. saab_96_18 Unlike the Allegro, the Saab 96 was a development from decades way earlier than the 1970s. Still, it manages to capture a certain ’70s feeling better than cars born in that time. saab_96_1 It’s likely the 96 wasn’t designed to be a fashion statement, but somehow it appears to be a style icon of the time. saab_96_8 saab_96_19 This is the last Saab 96 V4 built, and it was finished on January 3, 1980. The rally legend Erik Carlsson drove it from the Uusikaupunki factory in western Finland to the Trollhättan headquarters in Sweden.

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