Driving the Roush Stage 3 Mustang and F-150 SC

You can walk into certain Ford dealerships, pay your money, and leave with weapons of mass tire destruction. One is the 650-horsepower Roush F-150 SC. The other is a 710-hp Stage 3 Mustang. Both wear Roush TVS 2650 superchargers. The Mustang has an active exhaust system, while the F-150 gets a two-inch lift and the Fox 2.0 Performance suspension. Each has a different end game in mind, but both make wicked power, wild noises, and serve up warranty-backed fun. Which one would you choose?

The Mustang is a rocket ship. And it’s still easily used as a daily driver if you wish. You can set the active exhaust system to sing a more mellow tune, short shift to conserve some fuel, and go about your day. When the day is done though, flip the exhaust knob to Track and hold those revs until that 5.0 is screaming for mercy. Having 710 horsepower on tap will play havoc with any notion you have of driving responsibly.

It’s great that you could also remove most of that Roush branding and your Mustang would blend right in with the crowd. It’s only when that punk in the Hellcat thinks he’s going to have a bit of fun with a “lowly Mustang owner”.  Too bad that 717-horsepower-having porker weighs so much more than the Mustang.

Hellcat who?

Hell, the Hellcat weighs nearly as much as the F-150… Until Roush adds the heavier wheel and tire setup, of course. Not that you’d see how the Roush F-150 SC would fare against a Hellcat? Right?

Either way, both Roush machines are ready to straight-line battle. And then the Mustang can also take turns really well. The F-150 SC can blast off into the dirt, as it whips up a supercharged frenzy of noise and a cloud of dust.

Both are fun. Both are well priced for what they offer ($90k+ Mustang/$70k+ F-150). And you’ll get a knowing nod of approval should you select one over the other.

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