This “dent side” Ford F250 is great. It is a 1974 Ford F250 Crew Cab with two bench seats and room for six. The listing for this truck is on eBay and the current bid is already over $20,000.

1974 Ford F250 Crew Cab

The engine is the original Ford 390 cubic inch V8, but it does appear to have some more modern parts added to it. I have driven a stock 390 from the same era. They sound good but do not compare to modern V8 performance. This truck won’t win any races, but based on looks alone, you will have already won.

1974 Ford F250 Crew Cab

The interior has been redone, but it looks really good. The rear bench seat is in as good of condition as the front. The exterior two-tone paint looks good and the color on the wheels adds to the overall appearance. The “pizza cutter” tires also help maintain that 70s vibe.

1974 Ford F250 Crew Cab Interior

It really is a great looking truck. Ford truck prices from this era are starting to go up. For the same reason that Jeff originally purchased Hoontruck, so many people already have their Chevy C10s. Fords are on the rise.

Crew Cabs are rare from this era as well. Generally, these models were sold as forestry service trucks, but on rare occasions, they were sold to private customers.

I do not have the funds to bid on this truck. It is a damn good looking rig. Someone is driving away with a winner.

Images courtesy of eBay & Barn Finds.