I have not attended a RADwood event yet. I assume that if you showed up in this 1988 Chevrolet G20 Conversion Van that you would be leaving with some award. There is a lot to like about this van. The best bit is the seller installed a 5.3L V8.

The outside of the van is unique. Mark III customized this Chevy G20. The paint is champagne, and there are two-tone brown highlights. The rear wheel cover is a custom Road Runner painting. I am always a fan of gold wheels, and they look fantastic on this brown van.

1988 Chevrolet G20 Mark III Conversion Van

The last two auctions are the full spectrum of my automotive taste from the gorgeous red Alfa yesterday to this magnificent brown box today.


5.3L V8 peeking out

The LS-power is from a late model Chevy Tahoe that had 88,000 miles on the powertrain. It is probably from the early-00s based on the plastic Vortec cover. Added with the V8 is a four-speed 4L60E transmission. My truck buddies would say that you add a 0 to the 60, and that is how much torque the transmission could handle before it would tear itself apart. That’s also why they would rather have the 4L80E, and it’s theoretical 800 lb-ft threshold.

Mark III did a great job on the interior of this van when they matched the brown exterior with brown carpet. The seating includes a rotating captain’s chair and a folding rear bench seat. There is also a removable table and a 20” TV with a DVD player. The seller installed a JVC CD player with Bluetooth.

1988 Chevrolet G20 Mark III Conversion Van

The Carfax shows that the van has lived mostly in Kentucky. It is currently available in Georgia. There are six days left on the auction. It’s already out of the price range that the Hoonioverse staff has discussed for a company vehicle, but it’s not at an inappropriate number yet.

Buy this and road trip it forever. The wizards and gods from the 1970s van murals would approve.