Dimes at The Mitty

Bobby Allison's BRE 510

The Mitty was held over this past weekend and Friend of Hooniverse P161911 was there with his trusty camera to snap some awesome photos.  And the timing could not have been better for Dime Month.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Hop the jump and check out some of the fine Datsuns on-hand.

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves however P161911’s thoughts added where applicable. 

Probably the coolest 510 there.  A RHD 510 that raced in the 1969 Baja 1000.  Obviously unrestored.  Talk about patina.

Interesting grab handles on the trunk of the Baja 510.

Note hole in hood to help with strut repairs.

Ecotech in a 510!

Find the rest of his gallery here.

Thanks again to P161911 for sharing!


  1. GM Ecotec + Datsun 510? Looks well put together but an odd choice with so many rwd nissan fours to choose from. Now I could see a turbo ecotec being worth the effort.

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