Desire, Thy Name Is T25 Transporter Pickup

And I will love it, and squeeze it, and name it George…
Words can’t express how much I want this pickup. It’s got me in its spell, and I’m desperately wishing I had a few thousand spare dollars to pick this car up and take it home with me. I know it’s the less-desirable T25 Transporter. And in a way, that’s why I like it so much. These vehicles have never been popular, never been that desirable. The interior is, well, let’s call it “basic”. It’s a simple, ugly, unloved beast, in need of some love and affection. The body is far from perfect, but the running gear underneath implies that it has been well-cared for. There is still a shine to the engine, and it appears to be nearly perfect under the skin. The interior has clearly been used, but appears to have weathered well. The seats are intact, the body is relatively straight aside from a few minor spots. In short, it’s perfect, and I want it. So all I have to do is raise a few thousand dollars, and it’s mine. Sure, that whole “raising a few thousand dollars” has never proven particularly easy, but I’m more than happy to try. Anybody know any wealthy benefactors who want to help a Hoon out?

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