Defining Luxury?

"Hop on, darling... um... oh. Well, see you there then!"

In Maestro Emslie’s earlier post, he asked what defined luxury. Much of the discussion ended up revolving around comfort, as that’s one of the historically defining factors. After all, if you’re not paying for comfort, you’re probably paying for performance… but then again, a $2500 5.0 Mustang will get you performance, and with a few thousand more invested, will get you a whole lot of performance for a great price. So odds are, even if you’re paying for performance, you’re paying for performance in a comfortable shell.

Just try and tell me you wouldn't rock that.

But once again, these are things that can be overcome. Let’s say we start with the Lincoln Versailles he posted; those cars used surprisingly good mechanicals under the skin, and are based on the Fox platform with a 351 Windsor engine. The Fox platform is remarkably solid, and is shared with the ubiquitous 5.0 Mustang, and there are millions of parts out there to make the cars perform. So with only a little bit of work, and probably not a huge expenditure, you could almost certainly make that Versaille perform as well as your average Lexus. A few interior upgrades and you can have everything you want. After all, for less than $1000, you can have a new stereo installed that features Bluetooth, Sat-Nav, a hard drive, voice recognition and iPod integration. So for a total cost of, what, the price of a new Jetta, you could have a very luxurious car to rival an Acura. So why aren’t we all doing that?
Yeah, I know. Let’s be honest, it all comes down to style. Think about it. There is absolutely no reason for an Audi A3 to exist; it’s a GTI with a bit more flash and style. And yet, they can’t make enough of them.
So what happens if you take all that comfort away, and focus instead on style and style alone? Well, you’d probably end up with the Confederate P120 Fighter motorcycle. With a price tag edging to within a hair’s breadth of six figures, it’s a lot of money to pay for something that doesn’t look very comfortable at all. But there’s no denying it: it’s damn sexy. It looks mean, it looks utilitarian, it looks bad-ass. And it’s got the limited production and price tag to guarantee a bit of exclusivity, meaning you’ll probably be the only one on your block who owns one. Which, really, if we’re honest, is what a luxury car is really all about.
Also, if anyone is looking for a birthday present for me… it’s in fifteen days. Hint, hint, hint.


  1. The Confederate P120 Fighter is a lot like a Wright house: it is something to behold, architecturally and it is atheistically pretty awesome, but you could not live with it, day to day. And if you are not living with it day to day, then you are doing it wrong.

      1. The commentors still love you though…
        The five of us who were around when you were anyway.
        (probably an exageration, not much of one though.)

          1. 7? I predate every employee but Spinelli (who isn't actually still there. But neither am I).
            That should go halfway to explaining my absurd juvenile username.

          1. Ah the Jezeban. That was good times. And by good I mean hilariously over blown. I used to post on the J but then received the banhammer after insinuating something along the lines of quantity vs. quality in terms of the articles and page views after a sudden rise in cross posts barely related to cars. Ray W., no, let's call him R. Wert didn't like that very much one day and gave me the boot. I would rather see one good post per day on Hooniverse than loads of useless press releases and OMG MEGAN FOX TRNSFORMERGASM!!!!11!!eleventybillion!!! I come here to learn more about cars. More "articles" does not necessarily mean more content.
            *end off topic brain dump

          2. On topic, yes, as an engineer I would rock that beautiful piece of engineering. But also, no, because I know with my sense of balance I would high/low/any-side that thing which would be bad for the bike and worse for me. Plus at 6'4" I know I'd look like a poseur dork. I'll stick to LeMons Mustangs with giant rainbows on the roof.

          3. In the days of old
            when POLAR was bold
            And Ash78 was known as "The One"
            Murilee posted almost every day (that saucy minx)
            And *REDACTED* was actually fun
            Then Facebook came
            And Megan Fox
            And press release spamming begun
            The banhammer flew
            They jumped the shark too
            And *REDACTED* as we knew it, was done.

          4. Stop it, man. That period still makes me sad. Oh well, I hope they're doing okay.

          5. Times go by, who was there has seen it, who was not there at the time never will know what your talking about.
            But yes I also miss PCH, DOTS, COTD's from POLAЯ and Ash78, sigh….

          6. What ever happened to Ash?
            …actually, I have a long list of "what ever happened to…?" commenters from the '06-08 period.
            AFAIC, we're doing them a favor by providing a separate playground for all you cranky misfits to enjoy. It's ok, b/c our playground is made entirely of junkyard-sourced car-part based equipment. Play nicely with us and you'll be accepted to the Atomic Toasters Preparatory Academy.

          7. Its funny that you got banned for it because I say it just about every other day. I think Mr. Wort lost so many of the old jalops that he doesn't want to risk losing more by banning someone whos sticking through t/his shit. They've given up on the comments entirely for the most part.
            Who knows though.. if this keeps up there might be a change…
            I'm not goint to hold my breath though.

    1. I think JT Nesbitt is the former confederate motors employee you have to watch out for though…
      Although Wes' ass will paralyze you.
      And the former employees are current bloggers in their own right.

  2. The Versailles was not built on the Fox platform. It was actually the very last model built using the Falcon Platform.
    It was available with a 302 or a 351. The 351 put out two more hp (135 in total) and 32 more torques (275).

    1. You are absolutely right. I was thinking of the shrunken Continental. But I'm going to leave the article the way it is because it's too much fucking work to re-write it, and Slacktivism has kicked in.

  3. I would not rock that. If I ever have a six figure motorcycle it'll be from the currency getting devalued about 20x (I probably shouldn't say that and give the Fed ideas.)

  4. I would also not rock that. If I'm spending large on a motorcycle, I'm getting a Brough Superior or a Vincent Black Shadow.

      1. I would hope so. Because otherwise, there's an owner who needs to be bludgeoned senseless with his own motorcycle.

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