Crypto NASCAR/TransAm Road Runner Begs for a Flogging

1971 plymouth road runner for saleKnow how to make a small fortune in vintage racing? Start with a large one. That’s particularly true when it comes to very strictly controlled classes and cars with historical provenance. The 1971 Road Runner we’re looking at today has no such pretensions.

While it looks like a classic racer pulled from a garage or museum, it was created from scratch in 2000 as a promotional tool for MicroSleeve, as a mish-mash of early 70s racing cues. The upgrade list is extensive, including a built 426 wedge (not Hemi), full cage and HD suspension that leaves a perfect stance over the massive tires stuffed in expanded wheel wells. Oddly, it’s equipped with a 727 automatic, but has a four-speed shifter and a clutch pedal. The add copy suggests it’s set up that way to help expedite the assumed four-speed swap the next owner would perform.

1971 plymouth road runner for sale (1)1971 plymouth road runner for sale (2)1971 plymouth road runner for sale (4)

Unfortunately this car suffers from the “collection of racy parts” treatment. It’s not clear it’s legal for any vintage class anywhere and is a few key details (like headlights) away from being street legal. Save for a few open test days, it’s not clear where you could ever drive it. Personally, I’d consider de-stickering it and throwing some headlights back on and making a scene at vintage rallies.

So…price: the reserve’s unmet at $8,100 right now. Final sale price? Probably mid $20s would be our guess. 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner for sale – eBay Motors

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