RevCon is one of many RV companies and while I won’t pretend to know much about Recreational Vehicles, I will say that this very early, very modified Oldsmobile Toronado-based 1973 RevCon on Chicago CraigsList makes an interesting combination.

As best as I can tell, some RevCons had six-wheels, but those based on the Oldsmobile Toronado with the front-wheel-drive Olds 455 setup weren’t among those. They were, however, branded as an extremely luxurious RV at the time through what might be considered a giant load of crap a bit of advertising hyperbole. And I am at least 90 percent sure an open flatbed trailer grafted to the back of the RV body wasn’t on the original options list. But would you just look at it?

I would personally have a hard time justifying the drive to see any RV without just a few more pictures of the interior first. That said, the few glimpses at the RevCon’s interior show a pretty spartan setup. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re buying it to use as a crapcan or an trail-vehicle hauler where you’re just gonna be defiling the upholstery with hooptie gear-oil stains.

And we sure appreciate the optimism of a 140 mph speedometer.

And all that said, you’d have a hard time finding any tow rig cheaper than $4,500, assuming you have the temerity to try hauling something with the front-wheel-drive RV. So is it a bargain or what?
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