Craigslist freebie 1970 Gremlin Drag Car

There have been dozens of Hooniverse contributors that have come through our revolving doors over the years. Some of them faded away, but many of then went on to do great automotive writing things, ending up in places such as Autoweek, Autoblog, and Road & Track. One of those contributors was a young man named Philip Thomas who has recently started working at a popular publication called Hot Rod Magazine.
Philip’s new job required him to move from Texas to California. He did that ever so adventurously by packing up his belongs and dogs into an old Chevy truck and driving. The move was basically an initiation into the Hot Rod world as the truck required many repairs along the way. Finally settled in, Philip started doing what all of us do in our spare time – pointlessly searching Craigslist for treasures.
The problem with pointlessly searching Craigslist for shit you don’t need is that you eventually find something you want. And Philip found a free (kind of) 1970 Gremlin Drag Car that was stashed away and forgotten in a backyard in Venice until the property went on sale. The whole story is quite amazing, so read it here on the Hot Rod Magazine website.

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  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    What a find. What a story!
    I now have a new favorite Hot Rod Gremlin. Until now it was this one from the ‘AMC Returns! AMC Concept Cars” story.
    Just remember. Don’t feed it after midnight.

    1. salguod Avatar

      My favorite Gremlin, or perhaps more accurate, Gremlin driver, is from this 1980 showroom stock video. Check out the body lean.
      The video is best viewed at 2X speed. Click the gear to speed it up.

      1. Vairship Avatar

        Help! I’m being pursued by a horde of angry Rabbits!

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