Craigslist Egregiousness: My Senior Prom Edition


If  this Craigslister had spent half the time they did dropping <br> tags in their ad on their pictures, we wouldn’t have to call them out for public mockery. Why my senior prom? Seemed promising at the outlook, but after what seemed like forever of waiting…a total letdown.


  1. “Selling 1984 Toyota 4BY4 Pick Up Truck ”
    Wonder if its 4 wheel drive?
    “1984 Toyota 4BY4 Pick Up Truck: $3,000”
    But is it 4 wheel drive?
    “4 Wheel Drive”
    There we go.

  2. Can you really sell an aging, battered Toyota pickup for $3G in the states? In Guam, he’d sell that exact truck for his asking price (maybe more) in a couple hours. But this place is weird.

    1. Old Toyota trucks seem to be worth more everywhere else. Been told you can buy them in the US, drive them south of the border and net an easy 10-20%.
      I suspect that’s where the two 4Runners I had stolen went.

      1. or Iraq. A great number of stolen trucks and SUV’s end up in the middle east.

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