Craigslist: 2004 VW GTI VR6 "Nice Ad" Edition

We receive a ton of tips here at Hooniverse, and by “a ton” I mean about three or four per day. We especially love the CL tips… the cool or obscure cars, the half-assed projects, and ridiculous contraptions. And then one day comes a tip about a clean VW GTI with the subject line “nice ad”. The ad appears to have been well written, the car well maintained, and it’s even priced reasonably. Fry squints

Several months ago we started Hooniverse Forums. As with anything new, the beginnings are a little slow but things are picking up. In those forums is a section called “For Sale” which features a number of cars submitted by you, the readers. These vary from stuff you found while browsing or your own stuff. Have a look around and please post whatever you may have for sale. There are some goodies in there, such as a nicely lifted Jeep Wrangler, an ’83 Subaru Brat, an M Roadster clone, and a 2004 Volkswagen GTI VR6. Each Wednesday Jeff does a “Found in the Forums” post… maybe we’ll highlight your car next time, it unless Bowman comes with another awesome project.


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