Craigslist: 1992 VW Jetta 6-Door Stretch Limo

vw jetta stretch limo A stretched limo made out of a VW Jetta. C’mon, how could this be a bad idea? There is a Facebook group called Future $500 race cars! Even if the owner doesn’t know it yet. I highly recommend it, it’s great entertainment and the discussions can be dramatic. Our esteemed weekend editor, Jim, pulled a few treasures from it in the past. Today we have this Jetta. Unfortunately it is a tab bit over the $500 Lemons limit but it’s worth taking a look. vw jetta stretch limo front From the ad:

1992 VW Jetta 6-Door Stretch Limo (Project) – $2500 (Meredith) You’ll never see another one like it, this Jetta was professionally stretched at a limousine coachbuilder in Canada. I bought the car in 2009, with the engine and transmission pulled. It has been stored outdoors, and will need a drivetrain and significant cleaning. All 6-doors function. $2500, as-is, has to be trailered or hauled. Would like to see the project complete, I just don’t have time. For an additional $500, I have a complete ABA swap with 5-speed manual transmission out of an MKII, ready to be installed.

vw jetta stretch limo rear He is right, you will never see another one of these because no one will be crazy enough to make something like this. Although, I have seen a stretched MB C-class. But this one is more special because in its current state it doesn’t even have an engine. But for the extra $500 you can get one with a manual trans attached to it! A stretch limo with a manual transmission, another one of those “You’ll never see another one like it” things. How big of a VW nut do you have to be to pay $3000 for this (with the engine)? I have no doubt that there are some out there, but c’mon, that’s crack price. And what would you do with it once you bought it? Yes, it would make an epic Class C Lemons racer, but it’s way too pricey for that and not special enough for the judges to look the other way. vw jetta stretch limo side [Source: NH Craigslist via Facebook]

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  1. Lisa Avatar

    Hi R you selling your limo?

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