Craigslist: 1967 Kaiser Jeep M715 wants do drink ALL the fuel

1967 kaiser jeep

Fuel economy is for those who don’t enjoy adventure. With this 1967 Kaiser Jeep M715, you won’t be discussing fuel economy but rather fuel enjoyment. How much enjoyment per gallon is your new scale, and said enjoyment starts when you plunk down a few grand to own this beast.

How much exactly? Well the asking price is $8,000… is that fair? Read on to find out.

kaiser jeep

Here’s the listing:

1967 kaiser m715 jeep. runs good, needs carb adjustment. overall the jeep is bad ass. with the right kind of person this could me a monster project. $8000 obo or trade. 562 307 six three two two. heres some mech facts the jeep.

My Trucks Mechanical Facts: theres some other stuff ive done that’s not listed as well.

Chevy small block 350 with a steel 400 crank.. The displacement is now a 383. Ported/Polished cylinder heads. Probably putting out over 400HP. 
Edelbrock RPM manifold. Holley truck avenger carburetor designed specifically for off roading. Hedman Aluma coated headers 2 into 1 exhaust Dynomax muffler. HEI electronic ignition.

TH700R4 for better highway travel gives you the overdrive. All rebuilt wth TCI components and shift kit. TCI off road Stall converter. B&M Mega Shifter, race shifter.

Transfer Case:
New Process 205 (NP205) the king of transfer cases. This thing is bulletproof. Twin stick allows independent operation of the front and rear axles.

Front; Stock Dana60 closed knuckle with Selectro free wheeling hub selectors. Rear; Stock Dana70 open, . Both equipped with stock 5.87 gears, these differentials are bomb proof and the gearing monstrous.

New Old Stock (NOS) springs front and rear. 1 1/4 rated 3600 payload. 
Ignition: Msd Full off road system 

So there’s certainly a lot to like with regards to this truck. It seems like it’s 95% of the way there, with the remaining five percent being appearance items inside and out. Still, this is a tough truck that looks good with bangs, scratches, and dents. Would you pony up the $8k?

[Source: Craigslist]

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