Craigslist: 1965 Ford F-100 Custom Cab gets my goat


You know, craigslisters can be a interesting bunch. Something about the anonymity of the internet and the faceless format of craigslist brings out the best and worst in people. In the cars&trucks forum, it’s no different; owners from clueless teenagers to used car salesman to the blue Grand Am guy try to get your attention (and your dollars). So it goes with old truck. Sometimes I find trucks on craigslist and drool; sometimes I find trucks on craigslist and shake my head. Very rarely do I find a truck on craigslist and just smile.

[Source: Seattle craigslist]


From the ad:

ford f-100 runs and drives clear title – $1000
this is my trusty old pick up truck. it runs good and drives good. its old like me. i need to sell it so i can feed my goat rocky. he eats alot ! and I have to get a corn on my foot sanded off. anyways if you need a good old truck my jessie is the one for me 425-314-5428 ask for jimmy thats me.
                                                                                             ps. deal of the day 900.00 and a case of beer.
I don’t know what kind of guy jimmy thats me is, but I couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at his easygoing, too-old-for-manners attitude. I hope when I’m his age, I can say the same for myself. As for the truck itself, it’s rough, no doubt. The body doesn’t look too bad, but it’s got a lot of surface rust, and I bet if you lifted the rubber floor mat, you’d get a flaky surprise. The odometer is showing 96,000 miles, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s at least 196,000 by this point. I’d probably enjoy driving this truck a lot, but it would need a little work.
So what do you say? Will you help an old man feed his goat? Take this hardworking truck off his hands!


  1. That truck looks amazingly straight and solid, and features the remnants of the prettiest two-tone combo ever put on a truck. I've always had a weakness for this generation Ford trucks. I'm sure a twenty minute trip to purchase it would turn into a three hour tour through Jimmy's past, and a lifelong friendship. I'd love to have the truck, and meet the man and his goat.

    1. I can't tell if the white is supposed to be Pure White or Wimbledon White (probably Pure White), but the other color is Caribbean Turquoise. My cousin's '65 was white over Rangoon Red, and my uncle's 62 was Baffin Blue.

    1. Yep, it's a '66, unless someone swapped grilles. I really like those '61 to '66 models. '65 was the first year for Twin-I-Beam – my cousin had one when they were new, that is until a pine tree fell on it.

      1. My vote is swapped grills. I'm pretty sure the 66 came with a soft dash pad on top, and that shows no sign of it.
        At least the soft dash pad in my 66 looks legitimately stock.

      1. I would too. funny my wife's grandfather called one day about six years ago and asked if I had a grinder. As he was 68 years old and didnt have a use for a grinder I aske him why he needed the grinder. His reply was that he needed to trim his wifes toenails as he could not cut them with clippers. At that point I could barly contain my laughter as I had never heard of this use for a grinder. In between by snickers I told him that I did infact have a couple of them but I could not in good consience allow him to use one to trim his diabetic wifes nails. He ended up buying a dremal. but every time I picture the old fella on his knees with a angle grinder weilded at his wifes toes I get a laugh out of it.

      1. Not new, it wouldn't be. They weren't available on those trucks for another couple years. 352 was the biggest installed at the factory at that point.
        Of course, since they're indistinguishable from the exterior, every 352 magically becomes a 390 at sale time, and doesn't turn back until you need to mess around with the insides.

  2. I had one of those those. It was yellow. Might have been house paint. Paid fifty bucks. Put in a new clutch, in two hours in a parking lot. Worked great. Until I blew the motor up. Clogged radiator…

  3. Ahh yes I know those trucks, friend of mine tried to kill me in one(65 250). That was the last time I "Went for a ride" in that thing. It was all fun and games until he jumped it off that railroad car loading ramp. No seatbelts, steel dash I'm lucky to still have teeth.

  4. We bought one of these about 10 years ago – '66 3/4-ton with a 352, auto, good glass, straight body and running minus a crappy battery – $100. From a guy moving out of the house we were renting. My wife (then girlfriend) convinced me to let "her" buy it. She used to drive it down to the beach with the dog (about 1/2 mile), and that was about it for a few months. Had a full-floater Dana 60 that was probably worth a few times more than we got the whole truck for! Ended up getting a set of mid-90's Ford factory aluminum rims with decent tread tires off my Dad's work truck, added a new Wal Mart battery, and sold it on ebay for $1200. To a guy in Australia. Well, wherever he was, he paid, and then paid me to tow it a few hundred miles to the Los Angeles port area to send it in a shipping container. Seemed legit. And my wife got money to pay for school. Sweet deal!

  5. Something is lost on the floor shifter. All the F100s I've driven have been column shift.

    1. Your middle passenger had better be good looking with a floor shifter, because every time you go into reverse…

  6. I'm glad you all liked my post on cl. It's my old truck
    you guys are flapping about. Come buy it.!!
    900.00 and a case of beer. And you can meet my goat
    rocky. I live in skykomish wa. Hwy, 2 and Becker rd.
    I posted that add on cl to sell the truck.

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