Confirmed: Top Gear USA Filming in Iceland – More Pics!


Yesterday we ran a couple of quick phone shots of what appeared to be a trio of Top Gear USA cars parked at the Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavík, Iceland. An Instagram update by Tanner Foust confirmed they were in Iceland, and now our Icelandic commenter Eywolf sent us more photos, taken with a better camera.

As Eywolf writes:

“I live one street over from the church (Hallgrímskirkja), and my boyfriend passes it on his way to and from his school. Today he came home and let me know that they were filming again at the same location! So I grabbed my trusty DSLR this time, and decided to pop out and have a look.”



“Same SUV’s, same locations, so I had a walk around, and noticed that a nearby café was marked as closed, but was full of people.  And through the window I spotted Rutledge Wood!

So I was correct in my assumption, it’s a follow up to the Alaska Special in Top Gear USA.”




“I went home and waited for an hour, then ventured out again, and this time the presenters were in their SUV’s!

Tanner Foust on the Bronco
Rutledge Wood on the Scout
Adam Ferrera on the GMC Pickup

Then they have a support vehicle from Arctic Trucks, a Orange modified Tacoma, + 1 Land Cruiser, Sprinter van, and a Land Rover Discovery camera car.”






Thanks again, Eywolf: excellent reader stuff like this is why running this site is such a treat.

[Photos: Eywolf]

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40 responses to “Confirmed: Top Gear USA Filming in Iceland – More Pics!”

  1. POLAЯ Avatar

    Some say Björk was his mother in a former life, and that his testes actually mimic giant sugarcubes….

  2. Eywolf Avatar

    You're welcome guys!
    There is a great deal of work behind these shoots, I think they were shooting "B-roll" yesterday of just the trucks, and they have been filming all day today with the presenters.
    I was just watching yesterdays Top Gear USA at home an hour ago, when I heard and saw the three trucks rumble down my street and circling at least 4 times.
    I'm guessing the challenge was to park them legally somewhere around here, which can be challenging to say the least (Fun times had parking my dad's RAM 1500 in the old part of Reykjavík).
    I was able to get pretty close to them by the church, and they all waved when I was shooting on my camera (You can see Rutledge waving hi in the Orange Scout!), it is a huge tourist spot, so they couldn't close it down to the public.
    I'll let you know if I spot them broken down by the side of the road, or rolled over someplace else!

    1. Number_Six Avatar

      Get an Intense Debate account so we can upvote you several hundred times. The cash prizes are amazing when you get over 100 (Glucker insists my cheque is in the mail).

      1. Eywolf Avatar

        In another strange coincidence, Carbuzz picked this scoop up,
        and the 2. biggest news outlet in Iceland featured it on their news site
        So me, an Icelander got my photos in the Icelandic news via Hooniverse and Carbuzz…

        1. Eywolf Avatar

          (oh, and I registered on intensedebate, what should we debate about?)

  3. Kamil_K Avatar

    Tanner Foust on the Bronco
    Rutledge Wood on the Scout
    Adam Ferrera on the GMC Pickup
    Everyone put Adam in a Ford!
    I knew Rut would be in a Scout.

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      I guess he[Adam] already drove a Bronco when they did the Mojave to Vegas trip, so he couldn't have the Bronco again. I put Rut in the Chevy, because he often picks Big-3 (and in that episode had a K5 Blazer), and Tanner has picked the minor-make Off-roader before (again, Mojave to Vegas, Tanner had the best truck: the CJ7 Renegade; oops, is my bias showing?). So, I thought it would be similar picks.
      Rut got the best one this time.

      1. Kamil_K Avatar

        Agreed… that thing looks really cool and well made.

        1. jeepjeff Avatar

          And lordy me, is it Ornch. IH Scouts look so good in Ornch.

  4. MVEilenstein Avatar

    That Bronco . . . I want to be its friend.

  5. engineerd Avatar

    Am I the only one here that has a man crush on Rutledge Wood?
    No. I'm not. I'm just the only one with the balls to admit it.

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      You are not the only one with the balls to admit it. He is my favorite of the three (followed closely by Tanner). I know I'm on record for this.

    2. Kamil_K Avatar

      I'm not in love with any of them. I think Jeff, me, and someone else, don't know who, pick someone, anyone, would make a better team.

      1. jeepjeff Avatar

        You, Jeff and Rutledge would be awesome. Tanner can be The Stig (my guess is he is secretly The Stig).
        EDIT: If not Rut, then Matt Farah.

        1. pj134 Avatar

          I'm not a Farah fan. Well, I wouldn't have anyone from the car show on.

          1. jeepjeff Avatar

            Fair enough. I like Smoking Tire and thought that Farah was the only presenter worth keeping on the Car Show. IMO, if the producers had allowed him more time per segment, his part on the show would have been better. There were a lot problems with that show beyond the choice of presenters.

          2. danleym Avatar

            <img src="; width=500>

          3. Vairship Avatar

            Tell me you wouldn't have watched her do a review of that Mustang II back in the day – assuming you were born before then…

      2. pj134 Avatar

        I really do like the three, but I'd join your show. I can endlessly harass just about anyone for just about anything. Somehow I still have a job though. Really though, you should break the norm and get a fourth presenter.

        1. Kamil_K Avatar

          You mean like Fifth Gear does?

          1. jeepjeff Avatar


          2. pj134 Avatar

            That's why I said five hosts!

          3. Number_Six Avatar

            Plus Rusty on the phone from his bathroom in Essex.

      3. engineerd Avatar

        You, Jeff and Rut would be awesome. Rut is definitley to TG:US what James May is to TG:UK. They aren't the same character, but their role is very similar.
        I do like the chemistry that has developed between the 3 TG:US presenters. Actually, I'm most surprised that Tanner actually has a personality. I tried watching Supercar Showdown a bunch of times and almost jumped off a bridge because he had less than zero personality.

    3. pj134 Avatar

      Nope, definitely not. Plus, we've talked over twitter.
      (That may have been too far.)

      1. engineerd Avatar

        Never too far.

        1. pj134 Avatar

          And if you don't know, now you know.

          1. engineerd Avatar


    4. csroc Avatar

      Rut is by far my favorite of the three.

  6. oldcarjunkie Avatar

    Those are some pretty serious tires. I love that Scout. I wonder what it is running for a motor.

    1. scoudude Avatar

      I really hope it still has a IH V8 in it and not a SBC.

  7. krazykarguy Avatar

    I just created an Intense Debate account just to start collecting upvotes, and to post on Atomic Toasters without them deleting my comments as an anonymous commenter.
    Thanks for these great shots, but when this story first broke, I didn't line up the trucks to the right guy immediately. Here was what I thought:
    Red Bronco: Adam
    Orange IH: Tanner
    Camo Chevy: Rutledge
    And I was all wrong!

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      As I pointed out above, that guess was modeled on the Mojave-to-Vegas episode. You were not alone in that thinking. (It does mean they might have missed a great set of jokes; Tanner and Rut ragging on Adam, "Another Bronco? Didn't the wheel fall off last time?" Yay, c-clip 8.8s. I guess they could still make similar jokes at Tanner's expense.)

    2. jeepjeff Avatar

      Also: Welcome!

    3. Kamil_K Avatar

      Welcome, have a +1.

    4. engineerd Avatar

      I gave you an up vote for mentioning Atomic Toasters!

  8. wisc47 Avatar

    My allegiance to Ford as my favorite big-3 manufacturer was telling me that the Bronco would be my favorite…but that Scout is fucking incredible. Besides, I'm more of a first generation Bronco guy anyways.

  9. PotbellyJoe Avatar

    If that is a real M1008 that Adam is in, i can already foresee the issues he will have.
    Those 6.2L diesels don't exactly carry wonderful reputations. When you have an actual Army behind them for mechanics, not a big deal, but with a reputation like Adam's I assume his will be the first to die.

  10. boxdin Avatar

    The US show is fine, but the wit and humor of the UK show is simply missing. The UK guys often cross the PC borders that the US guys are afraid to go near. The producers are supposed to be the same, but the two shows are very different seems to me. I'm a truck/van guy so I'm glad to see the US show go there too, but the UK show does a lot w trucks anyway.

    1. Watkins Glen Avatar
      Watkins Glen

      Crossing lines is just Clarkson's thing. No one else on the show, other than Hammond that one time with the Mexican comment, crosses those lines. It's not something that everyone does, nor is it an integral part to an entertaining car show. The reason the US guys don't do it is 1) because it's probably not their style, and 2) because our cultural humor doesn't center around making snarky insults to other races. It's not that they're afraid, it's just it wouldn't be very funny to us.
      So yeah, that's just Clarkson. He could be on a cooking show and make the same insults.
      <img src=""&gt;

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