Come Meet The Hooniverse Podcast, Live And In Person!

The beauty of the Internet, besides the fact that nobody knows you’re a four-legged mammal who breathes with his tongue out, is that you can ramble onwards for upwards of 100 episodes and post it to said Internet and—get this—people will actually listen to it.

That’s right, lady and gentlemen: the Hooniverse Podcast is coming up to its 100th episode, which has been what, 150 hours of nonsense between Jeff and Blake and Chris Hayes? To celebrate, we’re having a meet-up immediately after our 100th episode—at 8pm, Monday April 13th, at The Alibi Room in Culver City. It’s at the corner of Washington and Centinela, across from the world’s worst body shop, where the legendary Kogi truck makes a brick-and-mortar showing and the Korean fusion food is—in the words of the equally legendary Cory Burns—“bomb.”

Who knows what will be on our 100th episode. Maybe we’ll reinvite Jeff Jablansky, our first guest, and he and I will wear matching shirts. Maybe we’ll record from a submarine. Maybe we’ll invite Gary Busey. Maybe someone will have to drive Glucker home. No, wait, someone will definitely have to drive Glucker home.

Could that someone be YOU?!

Either way, come to The Alibi Room Monday, April 13th (at 8pm) and meet up with us. The drinks and the opinions both will flow like craft beer.

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One response to “Come Meet The Hooniverse Podcast, Live And In Person!”

  1. JBsC6 Avatar

    So how was the party?

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