Wheels are typically made out of aluminum or steel. A few very fancy machines are opting for carbon fiber hoops. One delightfully insane (and skilled) person in Nebraska has decided to opt for… epoxy. Yes. You read that correctly. An epoxy wheel is not something we’d advise bolting to your vehicle. Yet the person behind the AWD Cutlass YouTube channel has done just that. And done it quite well, we might add.

Not only do they put their new roller on the car after wrapping it around a tire. The aforementioned AWD Cutlass is then hooked to something strong, rolled out of the garage, and then put into full send mode. That means a massive burnout delivered via all four wheels. There’s smoke. There’s piles of rubber. And there’s not a destroyed epoxy wheel.

Every facet of the clip above is fascinating. Well done, AWD Cutlass. We salute you and your proper dose of vehicular mayhem.

[AWD Cutlass YouTube via Jalopnik]