honda quint
Disclaimer: There’s so much adventure happening in this faded 1980s Honda press photo. So, so much. We last left off with Kamil’s go at the Hooniverse Classic Captions Contest featuring Jaguar’s new F-Pace luxury crossover and a lot of questions. After dropping $4,495 down, Walt looks content with his $498 a month lease for the next three years. Nice high top Chucks, Walt. I’m at a loss for words though, when it comes to analyzing his companion’s face. Is she upset about having to wrangle all three (count ’em) dogs together for this picture that Walt demands to use for their family Christmas Card? Nothing says happy holidays like a brand-new Jag after all.

Before that Jag’s check engine lights beacon, let’s look at a few of our favorite captions.

“Sure, you’ve got the clothes, the purebred dogs, the Jag… but you’re still in New Jersey.”-I_Borgward

“It’s meant to show the F-Pace as an all-round Luxury-Sport-Utility car that’s classy but also has a sweatpants & trainers side. Except it really comes across as ‘Dear John, I’m shagging the dog walker. Yours, Camilla.'”-Batshitbox

“We couldn’t find a corgi in time.”-Borkwagen

Labor Day is approaching, and I hope all of you take time to enjoy some form of outdoor recreation. Essentially a five-door hatchback Civic, the Quint was built by Honda from 1980 to 1985. Quints exported to European and Southeast Asia bore the name Quintet, while the Aussies got their own version under the Rover nomenclature. The 1.6-liter four-cylinder breathed about 80 horsepower and teamed with a three-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission. Nature-y folks, the granola and flannel enthusiasts like yours truly, love hatchbacks and wagons. They’re perfect. We can effortlessly haul all of our gear around for a weekend spent exploring at Wind Cave National Park or a day trip to hike through Wisconsin’s stunning Driftless Area.

The scene here is a capture of pure outdoors-y swag. Thick knit sweaters, coiled climbing rope, binoculars, a backdrop of craggy peaks and of course drinks of probably whiskey in-hand. Use the comment section below to paint the dialogue.