Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE: Improving on the Alpha

Dear Camaro fanboys, you’re all terrible…
but the current generation Camaro is fantastic. Especially when it comes fully dressed in SS 1LE guise. You take the already good Camaro SS, and then you add some go-fast bits and a bit of blacked-out body work and you have a truly excellent machine.
The noise. The capability. The in-your-face looks. It all adds up to a beastly American sports car that can dance with damn near anything the rest of the world has to offer. Chevy has a monster on its hands, and we haven’t even *begun* to talk about the ZL1 version that exists…
[Disclaimer: Chevy tossed us the keys to the Camaro for a week and included a tank of fuel. We would love to have also seen more tires, a race track, and more time…]


  1. GM takes a fantastically developed product and makes it into a coupe that was styled for a Michael Bay movie and they jam the sedan version with bad infotainment and rental car drivetrain into a dealer network that only cares about senior citizens. I might be the only one that would buy one, but a Chevy version of the ATS with the same 1LE SS go fast bits would be friggin’ awesome, and you could see out of it to boot.

    1. Chevy pretty much did make the car you described – granted it was on the Zeta platform, and it only had an LS3, but there were still only about 2000 of us each year that bought one.

      1. The G8 and the SS were so close to being what I imagine, but the SS took a step too far on options/price and I was too late to be in the market for the G8, which was still a bit of the Aussie compromise. After depreciation, a lightly used V6 ATS looks like a heck of a deal though. Now that you mention it though, I’m talking myself into a lightly used SS.

        1. I’ll say this – we shopped both cars quite extensively before we pulled the trigger, and really, there was no comparison between the two. The SS was so vastly superior in every single way. More powerful, better handling, and most surprisingly, the interior was far nicer in the SS than the Caddy. The leather was softer and more supple, the seats more supportive, there was more room, the HVAC and infotainment was easier to use. The only thing the ATS had was a neat hidden storage compartment.

    2. Perhaps it wouldn’t take much to make the Buick Avista concept look like a retro gen 2 Camaro?

  2. i liked the little lapse into sensibility you suffered there for a moment. “or…invest in an IRA with the savings, save money down the road….no, invest in tires. invest in tires.”

    1. btw, completely agree. invest in tires. just dropped a set of Pilot Super Sports onto my little hatchback and it’s a winner.

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