Most of us are doing our part right now. That means staying away from others. That means some of us aren’t going on the vacations we’ve planned or celebrating the events which we’ve been looking forward to. That’s especially hard for children when we’re talking about birthday celebrations. My friend Anthony was going to explain to his soon-to-be 11-year-old son how no one could come to his party, for example. Then he struck upon an idea… everyone can stay away if they cruise past and stay in their cars!

You see, Anthony loves cars and so do his boys. They attend the legendary Donut Derelicts show in Huntington Beach, CA as often as they can. The kids get to hang out with dad in his El Camino, Chevelle, or Nova (which is actually mom’s car). So the idea of having a few cars drive by sounded great to everyone. Anthony put out a call on social media and the response was… impressive.

My family and I drove past in our Montero. But we were vastly outnumbered by muscle cars of all shapes and sizes. It was fantastic to see all these people fire up their cars to make a young boy smile on his birthday. Sure, I’m betting they were eager to get out of the house anyway. But to do so for something like this makes it all the better.

We socially distanced our happy birthday wishes for Dom and then kept on driving back home. We were smiling and laughing, as was pretty much every single car owner in attendance. More importantly, the birthday boy appeared to be having a blast.

The neighbors were standing outside at their respective houses, and even they were enjoying it all. Which was an unexpected bonus. Clearly, everyone needed a fun distraction and this was it.

Happy Birthday, Dom!

[Images courtesy of Anthony Daye]