Celebrate your love of any vehicle with an Amazon shirt

Twitter user @GreatIsTheWorld discovered something wonderful today. Over on Amazon.com, you can enter any make and model followed by “shirt” and the site will autogenerate custom t-shirts. We’re talking about any vehicle here. The results are hilarious, so prepare to waste time while you’re also laughing your ass off.


Autoweek’s Rory Carroll replied to the original tweet with an offering for Duesenberg fans. And Car Twitter has gone on a run from there.

Go try it out for yourself. Share your best shirts in the comments below. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy shirts for all of my Mahindra, Talbot, Tucker, and Lancia-owning friends and family.

Sadly, there’s no shirt for KV Mini 1 owners. Weird…

Oh and if you want to buy actually good shirts, you can always hit our shop:

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