Learning to weld helped this owner save his BMW E30

Peter Monshizadeh is wrenhing on all sorts of great projects on his Practical Entusiast channel. From bikes to cars, Peter has a lot of work ahead of him but all of his vehicles are interesting. Like any home wrench though, he’s run into a bit of trouble with one of the cars. Peter has a […]

Adventures in wrenching – An admission of ineptitude

I’d much rather be driving my cars than working on them. To be brutally honest, I only own my own tools and twirl them at my car in order to avoid forking out bundles of cash which I could be spending on fuel. Or old car brochures, probably. In recent times, though, I’ve become increasingly […]

Adventures in wrenching – Playing the odds

Of the three cars that litter the space immediately surrounding my house, our 1995 Peugeot 306 is by far the easiest to work on. It’s massively less complicated than the Audi or the Rover – it has just the one camshaft, not two or four, and it actuates just two valves per cylinder, not five […]

Rob Siegel's New Book Is The Best Bad Influence

Ran When Parked: How I Resurrected A 15-Year-Dead 1977 Porsche 911S and How You Can, Too Rob Siegel is a super human. Earlier this year he embarked on a trip to purchase, revive, and road trip 1000 miles home, a BMW 2002 tii that had been sitting for decades. Not only was the trip successful, […]

Review: 3M Rust Preventer Spray

Despite the mild Midwest winter that I’ve enjoyed mostly bottled up in my house writing, I’ve noticed an ever-expanding problem on my daily driver: rust. While I’m not particularly inclined to think twice about it, I intend to keep the car until it ceases to be and would like to preserve it a little. I […]

Our Cars: 1995 Peugeot 306. Overcoming a failure to proceed.

On Friday I was forced to walk some two hundred yards when our venerable Peugeot 306 threw up a variety of warning lights on the dashboard, accompanied by a loss of power. My wife was returning from a trip to visit her parents, and had almost, almost made it home when the car faltered. She […]

Simple Homemade Butt Spring Compressor

Just about all of us here at Hooniverse tinker with our own cars. We do a lot of stuff. Tim does all the stuff, but some things are better left to the professionals, because some things may not be good for our health. Swapping suspension coil springs and/or struts was always one of those risky things […]

Diagnosing And Customizing Your Car From Your Phone for $50

I am an automotive gadget addict and love to try out new tools if funds permit.  I have a traditional corded OBD II code reader but when I found a $30 ELM327 WIFI dongle that could connect to my iPhone I figured I would give it a try.  There are a plethora of apps that […]

Two-Wheel Tuesday: Building a Suzuki cafe racer with Spede and Urkki

In case you do not know who Spede and Urkki are, you are probably not a Finn. The former was a comedy jack-of-all-trades, movie director and businessman, who made a large impact in the Finnish entertainment business from the early 1960s onwards. The latter was also known as UKK, and we’re talking about a man […]

How to replace batteries in an AMB Tranx 260 racing transponder

Transponders are expensive. To me, inexplicably so, which is part of why I’ve never owned one. I pay the $50 rental fee whenever I run a LeMons race and grumble to myself about why a plastic box with some simple electronics and nothing-special NiCd rechargeable batteries would cost more than a GoPro. A transponder with a dead […]