Super73 has some sweet new electric bikes

I’ve been getting more and more into the electrified transportation space. Part of that is because I have a new gig where I cover mobility for an outlet called Ride. It’s owned by Kelley Blue Book, and it covers all things mobility. Recently, I took the opportunity to examine a part of this space I […]

2020 Will be a good year for motorcycles

The third weekend of November is my favorite weekend of the year. Every year on November 22nd Progressive kicks of the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in Long Beach, California. Or as I like to call it “Motorcycle Christmas”. This event is a chance for riders to get together and not only check out the latest […]

A quest to bring a 90's icon back to its sports bike glory

When you love a specific point in time for your preferred mode of transportation, you find yourself hunting down ways to gain a piece of that time. For Peter Monshizadeh, that point in time appears to be when sport bikes were colorful, stylish, and well built during the early 1990’s. That’s why Peter decided to […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: Cafe & Racers?

This weekend after a lovely walk with my wife and some of our friends (and about 10,000 other Reno-ites), we decided to check out a new coffee shop downtown that I’d been dying to see. It’s called See See’s Motor Coffee Co., and this is their second location after the success of the initial shop […]

The Carchive Bonus Edition: Honda Motocompo

Any of you who were sufficiently dedicated to sit through today’s Carchive Video instalment will have noted this curious motorcycle as the last thing I spoke about. Well, inevitably this curious 1980s relic is SO INTERESTING that it goes way beyond the scope of The Carchive and an actual print brochure has so far evaded […]