False Neutral Podcast #124 – Back To The Shop!


This month’s episode is almost entirely our Workshop Update. Garrett freshened up his vintage Vespa Super Sport and unexpectedly focused his attention on the rat-rod RZ, while Pete has been developing a project concept around his Benelli frame. In the process of discussing these, we talk about how the Internet has changed parts chasing. It’s […]

False Neutral Podcast #123 – Adventure Bike Extravaganza


What ADV bikes make great commuters? After a recap of Garrett’s family dirt bike excursion, and a quick Workshop Update, a listener’s question launches a discussion about the current crop of adventure bikes. Thanks to James for his great question. We love to hear from listeners and we’re eager to answer your questions. Please rate […]

Two-Wheel Tuesday: This old Triumph is ready to blaze a trail

1971 triumph 250 trailblazer

Triumph wanted a scambler-style bike and for two years it built just that. It’s called the T25T Trailblazer, and it was on the market from 1970 to 1971. According to Bike-Urious.com (which is a fantastic name for a site), the Trailblazer wasn’t a hot ticket item at the time due to a lame gearbox and […]

False Neutral Podcast #122 – Conflicted Crossbreeds


We’re a day late this month. This episode’s sound files got corrupted mid-edit, and I wasn’t able to meet our usual Tuesday debut. Apologies to Chris and Ross for weaseling in on our sister podcast‘s usual publishing day. In this episode, we look at a lot of bikes with odd combinations of influences: race bikes that […]

False Neutral Podcast #121 – Motorcycle Forums & YouTube Channels


Are Internet motorcycle forums still viable? still useful? If they are headed the way of the dodo, what is (or should) replace them? On this installment, I talk about the decline of forums and why that led me to reconstitute my own project bike blog (Tanshanomi.com). Then we look at YouTube video channels that are both […]

False Neutral Podcast #120 – Pressing Pause on our Projects


In the lull after the holidays, we don’t have anything cooking in their workshops for a couple of different reasons. It’s just Garrett and me this month, talking a lot about kids bikes, stalled projects, and choosing what projects we might tackle next. As always, pictures of some of the bikes (and parts) we talk […]

False Neutral Podcast #119 – What we’re looking forward to


Eric, Garrett, & I talk about a couple of new bikes, then discuss the bikes we still want to own, the projects we still want to build (or finish), the roads we want to ride, and the motorcycle-oriented destinations and events we would like to experience, including the Sammy Miller Museum. And of course, there’s […]

False Neutral Podcast #117 – New Bikes for 2022


After a quick update on our current projects, we talk about the new bikes for the upcoming 2022 model year from Suzuki, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, and others. Along the way, we explore a couple of rumored models. We wrap up with our takes on a couple of mid-year 2021 releases. As always, you can check […]

“The Bride” has an engine

Well, my CVT bike is coming together more quickly than my other projects. I had to cut the frame and weld in custom-bent down tubes, and I have finished the engine mounts.