This is what an abandoned Water Slope Tractor looks like

Fonserannes Water Slope Tractor

Nothing makes the world feel larger than finding out about new abandoned vehicles, places, or ships. Like the McBarge, a floating McDonald’s, from the World Expo on Transportation and Communication in Vancouver, BC during 1986. It also was in Blade Trinity. The Fonserannes Water Slope Tractor is another example of that. This 18-wheeled tractor was […]

Wrangler and Gladiator painted roof and fenders choices are maddening

wrangler gladiator fender roof painted

Welcome to the 2021 model year Jeep online configurator. You can now waste your free hours configuring your very own 2021 Wrangler or Gladiator. In the Wrangler section you’ll be greeted by the new Islander, 80th Anniversary, and Altitude models. Gone are the North Edition and Freedom models and I doubt that anyone will miss […]

On quacking, swimming and actually being a duck

Ford Mustsit

I conducted what turned into a bit of a social experiment the other day, using “Twitter”, which is a means of giving those who don’t deserve an opinion a means to broadcast obnoxious viewpoints far and wide. With the world gripped by Mustang fever and people clamouring to praise or condemn the idea of Ford […]

Finnish Line: Extracting the full potential of the Chrysler Neon

I don’t just want to buy a Neon. I require one. Like with my earlier posts featuring mostly unloved cars, there’s solid reasoning behind this realization. I’ve done the Baltic Press Rally a few times now, and part of the excitement is arriving in Latvia or Lithuania in a total underdog car and then doing […]

Finnish Line: We grab a cheap PRV V6 engine

Perhaps you remember my earlier write-up on the Talbot Tagora and its racing history. In it, I detailed a plan that would make it possible to experience at least some of those heady days of Tagora Superproduction racing: acquiring a project Tagora and a PRV V6 engine from a Volvo 760, and then combining those, […]

Finnish Line: Extracting the full potential of the Talbot Tagora

It’s safe to say I’m a big fan of the Talbot Tagora. I don’t know what it is about the Tagora that really appeals to me: either it’s the super-brutalist, slab-sided design, its troubled birth in the hands of Chrysler Europe and Peugeot-Citroën, or the fact the SX variant was the fastest French production sedan […]

CraigsList: No Bank Account DefCon for a RevCon Hauler?

RevCon is one of many RV companies and while I won’t pretend to know much about Recreational Vehicles, I will say that this very early, very modified Oldsmobile Toronado-based 1973 RevCon on Chicago CraigsList makes an interesting combination.

Buy yourself a rusted Hellcat

Fancy a Hellcat but none of the stock colors do it for you? Blue Pearl? Yellow Jacket? Plum Crazy Pearl? Four shades of gray? Go Mango? White Knuckle? None of those draw enough attention to your large and loud car? You want something really special? Well, how about this rusted look? There’s a lot of […]

When you can't unsee the similarity

Year in, year out, I take a holiday in Cornwall, South-West England. I inevitably end up at the same campsite, commanding a view from the cliffs above a tiny resort village called Millendreath. Just off the beautiful sandy beach, there juts a large, rounded rock, and on my first visit to the village at age […]

Our cars: A Roving I shall go.

You know, I looked at my watch half an hour back and it was three weeks ago. Something odd is happening to time these days; the continuum appears to not be following the traditional 60 minutes per hour format. And it’s forced my transportational hand somewhat. Long story short, my mollycoddled, babied, cherished Rover is […]