Your turn to vote for the Hooniverse Car of the Decade

We started this silly site ten years ago. In that time, we’ve covered a ton of topi- okay I can’t finish that sentence. It’s been mostly Craigslist finds, LeMons racing, and the occasional new car review mixed in. But each year, we band together to shine a light on a beacon of Hooniversal wonder. That’s […]

Ten Years Later: If Anyone Needs Me, I’m in the Garage

So, first of all, Hooniverse came into existence October 1st, but our first post went live October 8th. I’m not late; everyone else was just early. I figure enough time has passed that I can give an unfiltered version of Hooniverse’s origins. To get a few things out of the way up front: 1) Rob […]

Ten Years Later: A Longing for Belonging

Stolen from Florida

What was I doing at this precise moment ten years ago? Well, there’s a strong possibility that I had just finished a very awkward phone call explaining why a customer’s car still isn’t fixed, why we haven’t ordered any parts and why, exactly, we haven’t got a clue what’s wrong with it. It was an […]

Ten Years Later: Giving credit where credit is due

When I was a junior in college, studying advertising and public relations at Loyola University Chicago, I knew entering into my fall semester I wanted to open the door into the automotive world for my career. Far prior to hearing the word “Hooniverse.” After an internship with (when it was run by now-Ford North […]

10 Years Later: Aussie Hoon

10 years ago, I was freshly engaged and in a photography sales job and I photographing cars in my spare time. 10 years on I am about to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary and I am working full time in my own business, photography cars and all things automotive almost daily. My connection with Hooniverse […]

Ten Years Later: Life is not what you thought it would be

Hooniverse is 10 years old now, which is pretty significant. Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my 23 lap around the sun, meaning this website has been around for more than a third of my life. When I discovered Hooniverse for the first time, it was more than likely through a post on Jalopnik. Jeff was driving […]

10 Years Later: It All Started With a Tweet


As Hooniverse was getting built 10 years ago, I was starting my last year of high school. I’ve been a car enthusiast for a vast majority of my life and I had several good friends who were like-minded. I was also just starting to get a presence online and naturally gravitated to the enthusiasts on sites like […]

Ten Years Later: Off-Road Hoonage

Driving an SLS AMG Roadster

I’m closing in on ten years representing a quarter of my lifetime. It’s crazy to think that ten years ago we only had one kid (we now have four) and were driving him around in a 2005 Toyota Tacoma. In the past ten years, I’ve left my career as a middle school teacher, starting my […]

Ten Years Later: A quick note from the Loverman himself

I’m very proud to have been sitting at the table the moment you and Tim decided to start Hooniverse. I hope that the tiny part I played in getting the ball rolling has in some way led to a decade of success. Also, KOREAN WAR MACHINE FTW!!! [Editor’s Note – Jonny Lieberman sent an email […]

Ten Years Later: Rood boy chimes in

Based on a recommendation from the venerable Murilee Martin, Jeff put me on the Hooniverse roster in 2012. I had a full-time office job, a brand new baby, and a depth of car knowledge rooted entirely in the 24 Hours of Lemons. It was probably not the ideal life place from which to launch writing […]