Same Price Truck War: Ford F-150 Raptor vs. Jeep Gladiator Mojave

ford raptor jeep gladiator mojave

A sixth version of the Jeep Gladiator just came out. Jeep says this new Gladiator Mojave is “the first-ever desert rated Jeep”. To earn this new badge, the Mojave picks up from the Rubicon and adds 2.5” Fox shocks with external reservoirs and an inch of suspension lift. It is basically a pre-runner of sorts, […]

Showdown: Raygun Gothic Edition

Automotive styling went through a bit of a “phase” in the ’59-62ish timeframe. Gone were the iconic shapes of 55-57, but the solid lines of the mid-60s had yet to materialize. Instead, we got a mix of wannabe-rockets (See: Ford tail lights of the era) and Googie architecture inspired swoops and gauge-pods. We’ve got examples […]

Showdown: Piles of Nostalgia-Shaped Rust

While almost any car in this condition would’ve been reduced to Chinese refrigerators by now, the ultra-rusty shells of cars like today’s contenders theoretically hold some value. Assuming you wanted to “bring them back”, the ’65 Mustang Fastback, a “real A-code car” creeps into the low $30k range in good, restored shape. A ’67 911s […]

Showdown, Grey-Market 4x4s Edition

Around the developing world, Land Cruiser Vs Patrol is a bit like Mustang Vs Camaro. Today we’ve got a pair from the mid-80s for you to choose from, from the same seller, no less. In the US, we assume Land Cruisers to be larger family dirt wagons and Patrols to be more Wrangler or Defender-like. This […]

A Westy Syncro isn't Ten Times Better than this 4×4 E350

We try to keep it positive here at Hooniverse; we do this not because we feel a need to pull punches, but because we do cars for fun, so why traffic in outrage or misery? Maybe when we run out of awesome stuff to talk about we’ll go negative. All that said, WTF is it with […]

Cheap Alpine Starter Project or Rotary-Swapped?

While the American V8 in a European body formula typically produces awesome results (Examples 1, 2, and 3), the Sunbeam Tiger nearly stretches that logic to its breaking point. The Ford 260ci V8 practically needs an external oiling to fit in the engine bay, and cooling problems abound. Instead, why not start with the lesser […]

Showdown: '80s Turbo Edition

After the Malaise Era came the Turbo Mullet Era. The name should be descriptive enough, but the time refers to the mid-80s to early 90s when automakers were sure turbocharged four and six cylinder cars would obsolete V8s. Something about head gaskets, octane ratings and auto mechanic competence ensured that dream was never fully realized, but the […]

Showdown: Non-Wretched Jeep FC Vs Detroit-Diesel Swapped International

It’s been forever since our last showdown, but when I had these two tabs open adjacent to each other (and a primordial version of my Falcon next to them), it was clearly time to dust off the category. In one corner, a ’57 Jeep FC in rare mid-grade condition. Typically we find these in end-stage […]

Showdown: Unlikely Rival Wagons Edition

BMW people are not Chrysler SRT people, and vice-versa. Neither would cross shop the other product with any seriousness, because, well, obviously. And yet, five and ssix years on, we find a Dodge Magnum SRT8 and BMW 535xi Touring with comparable prices and mileage. In one corner we have an exquisitely engineered all-weather tourer with a […]