How I got ripped off during my very first Turo rental


If you follow my column here at Hooniverse, you’ll know that I’m currently without a primary car. The used market was so crazy that I sold my BMW M4 back in October. Since then I’ve been getting by on press loaners and our family SUV. Well, recently we had a confluence of events where the […]

(Not So) Rotten Rental Car Review: Nissan Murano

The last rental car I had from the very same Enterprise facility was a straight-jacket-white Dodge Journey that smelled like a dirty sock. One that had been misplaced for 25 years, filled with Cheez-Wiz, and left out in the sun. As such, it was reasonable to go in with low expectations. The line of Sentras […]

Rotten Rental Car Review: 2018 Toyota Camry

Whenever I travel to Colorado, renting a car is always a gamble. Yes, there are mountains out here and yes it snows, but each time I decline that additional insurance at the rental car company’s check-in desk, the clerk behind the counter starts some persuasive monologue in an attempt to sway me out of my […]

Rotten Rental Car Review: Mitsubishi Outlander

What do you do when you’re in rural New York, have the keys to a brand-new car and a few hours to kill before a wedding? You drive! And then write about it. I’ve got the keys to a 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander ES for the next three days and similar to other posts, I always […]

Rotten Rental Car Review: Dodge Journey

The small people-hauler didn’t die with the Mazda5. It got restyled into an SUV, and as a result, lost a substantial amount of its utility in the conversion. This is what’s left of the affordable minivan market, and it’s a dismal place to be.

"There's no bad new cars anymore"

We’ve all heard it before, and with increasing regularity: “Twenty-thousand miles? That’s just getting broken it! It’s practically new!” In the times of once unimaginable engineering and manufacturing processes, 20k truly is nothing these days. But where twenty-thousand miles isn’t “new” though is with the machines that so regularly get treated with reckless abandon, the […]

Rotten Rental Car Review: Ford Mustang V6 Convertible

Knowing that we’d be in Southern California, my wife and I recently sought out the rental options on a Miata for a taste of our familiar lightweight roadster to fling around through the canyons. However, we quickly realized that wasn’t going to work out for our travel plans. With a rental cost that was not […]

Rotten Rental Car Review: Toyota Yaris

A few weeks ago, my wife and needed to get from our fair city to MCI, and we decided to rent a car for the 200-mile trip. The agent tossed me the keys to a 2016 Toyota Yaris, with an automatic transmission, power windows and locks, and not much else. What follows is a summary […]

Rotten Rental Car Reviews: Opel Corsa Automatic

We were in Iceland. We wanted to see stuff we had never seen before, and we needed transport by which to travel around. And that was exactly what we got. We love to use the tag Rotten Rental Car reviews here; but in truth there was nothing rotten at all about this one. Well, as […]

Rotten Rental Car: 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium

On a recent trip, I was to spend a few days in the greater Los Angeles area, and decided that driving would be easier and less expensive than flying, and I like driving better, besides. Inevitably there is almost always a layover in Las Vegas to get from Reno to LA, and I’ll always get stuck […]