Last Call: The Delta in Inspiration of the Ioniq 5

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 sure is pretty looking. But, gosh darn, it sure as hell reminds me of something. This does make sense though, as the Ioniq 5 designers started out shaping this thing with the 45 Concept Car. That vehicle took inspiration from Hyundai’s old Pony concept car shown back in the 1970s. Who […]

Quick Pic: This Happy Vette should make you smile

There are plenty of Corvettes wearing Jake. He’s an angry Corvette flag-eyed skull that ties into the highly successful Corvette racing program. The Corvette shown above is wearing what has to be the antithesis of Jake, and I love it. This photo comes from Ken Saito’s photo essay on the recent Speedhunters show in Japan. […]

Quick Pics: Night Racing is Best Racing

Road Atlanta during this year’s Petit Le Mans – Full-size version Like a city skyline, a corner of open sky, or a BMW X2, motorsports just gets prettier when the sun goes down. Night racing, especially on a dimly-lit track like Le Mans or Road Atlanta, is a daunting challenge for drivers and teams but […]

Wanted: BMW Technician, Mercedes-AMG Experience a Plus

United BMW is looking for a new technician, preferably one with good experience and mechanical knowledge, is good with kids, and can tell the difference between a BMW roundel and a Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star. I promise this is real. [Source: Facebook]

Quick Pic: The Chrysler Sebring

This olelongrooffan never realized wheels from this gen Sebring are worth so much money that stealing them is worthwhile. Image Copyright Hooniverse 2017/longrooffan

Heart Attack Level: Over 9,000

Nothing gets your heart racing like coming out in the morning to find you’ve narrowly avoided disaster. This is the sight a friend and roommate of Hooniverse walked up to yesterday morning after some storms rolled though overnight. Frighteningly close to the tip of that downed tree is my roommate’s Trans Am and motorcycle – both of his […]

Quick Pic: a Naked Escort is Coming

This is a rather poor picture of a classic Ford Escort MKII. It is somewhat incomplete. It is slightly modified. And it is on it’s way over from the UK to our friends at Ace Performance Systems.   Ace Performance has some very cool plans for this MKII. It will be a lot more than […]

Quick Pic: Hot Lap; Hot Car

Well, as apart of this AAP Sports car showdown weekend, Mercedes was nice enough to grant me a passenger lap in this beautiful AMG GT-S. And, since it wasn’t my first rodeo in the side seat of a supercar around the track, my driver, AJ, decided to light them up wherever he could to give […]

Trunk du Soleil

I’m freaked out by the way the trunk lid wraps around the tail light lens of the BMW 2-series. I mean, how does that thing even open? Argh, it’s driving me nuts! Image: ©2017 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved