Saying good bye to my 1965 Ford F100 [Shift Happens]

It’s been a good run with this one here. At the end of 2014, I purchased a 1965 Ford F100. The intent was to find a project truck that was drivable but that needed some love as well. I wanted to learn how to wrench, and this truck would be the one to help teach […]

I fixed the oil leak in my 1965 Ford F100

We’ve come a ways with this truck. I bought it to learn a bit about wrenching, and I believe I’ve done that to some degree. Before owning this truck, I would only venture under the hood to check the oil or point at things and go “Yep, that’s the problem”. Now? I’ve helped swap a […]

Shift Happens: The HoonTruck gets a little love

Shift Happens. It’s time for an update on my 1965 Ford F100. She was at a local shop here in Orange County, and while there they got her running better than she has in awhile. Also, the HoonTruck has fresh front glass and dual electric cooling fans. No more mechanical fan, and no more pitted […]

Quick Shift 3: Here's my Clarion Audio system in the HoonTruck

Finally the HoonTruck gets some Quick Shift love. Today we’re going to look at the upgraded audio system I’ve had installed in my 1965 Ford F100. It’s been supplied by the good folks at Clarion, and it was installed by Beach Auto in Huntington Beach. We’re working with the Clarion NZ503 head unit, a pair […]

Night School: Episode 3 – Camshaft and Valve Seals

Attention class, I need you to sit down because it’s time to take in Episode 3 of Valvoline’s Night School. In this episode we will be diving a bit more deeply into the engine of my 1965 Ford F100. That’s because we’re swapping in an upgraded camshaft and also replacing the valve seals. I want […]

Night School: Episode 2 – The Clutch

Welcome back to Night School. Today’s lesson is about wrenching on the spinny bits that connect the power of the engine to the transmission. I’m talking about the clutch. On my 1965 Ford F100, I managed to destroy the previous clutch in a surprisingly spectacular manner. So, our friends at Centerforce hooked us up with […]

Night School: Episode 1 – Welcome to Team Valvoline

We’re bringing you to Night School. Well, not real school plus we know nights are reserved for drinking (so are days too, I guess). Regardless, it’s time to go to Night School… but this one involves wrenches, an old truck, and two idiots who attempt to cram way too much of a work list into […]

Project Car SOTU 2016: HoonTruck

A victory, for me, in the garage can be something that others might consider trivial, small, or perhaps even meaningless. To get two victories in one day… well that’s just something that doesn’t really happen. Yet it did happen recently when I was out in the garage. Face cozied up close to 5.8-liters of Blue […]

HoonTruck: A fresh throttle cable equals a brand new machine

Sometimes the simple fixes yield big results. The throttle cable in my 1965 Ford F100 was in sorry shape. The unsheathed, stainless cable was fraying near where it connected to the carburetor with no ferrule in sight. In the cabin, my throttle pedal was fairly lifeless. I had about an inch and a half or […]

HoonTruck: Ready, Set, Ignite!

[youtube][/youtube] In life, they say that timing is everything. It’s certainly great for making balls of fire shoot forth from a carburetor sitting atop a 352 cubic inch V8 engine. Why are we messing with the timing? Well, that’s because we are installing a new electronic ignition into the HoonTruck. I opted to swap points […]