I just bought something I do NOT need for my Montero, and I love it

Panasonic CQ-VX550

I already have a radio that works in my 1991 Mitsubishi Montero. It’s a Clarion M508 marine unit that looks simple enough, connects to my phone, and plays music. Basically, it does what you expect of a solid radio. And I’m about to ditch it for something way more interesting; a Panasonic CQ-VX5500. This is […]

Getting Ready to upgrade My Mitsubishi Montero!

My 1991 Mitsubishi Montero is set for some fun upgrades. I recently installed a new Gamiviti roof rack, so I can eventually add an awning. Our friends at Dometic sent over the CFX3 45 powered cooler and the PLB40 portable battery system. Additionally, I also bought the GMR45 radio system from Rugged so I can […]

Tony Montero: My old off-road rig now has a proper roof rack

Gamiviti Roof Rack Montero

I wasn’t going to do it… I told myself I didn’t want a roof rack on my 1991 Mitsubishi Montero. But as I’ve grown to use this a bit more for adventure, my desire to increase its functionality has changed my plans. I want to add an awning to the truck and that means I […]

Tony Montero: A few quick fixes help brighten up the looks!

It’s amazing what some quick fixes can do to a project vehicle. With my 1991 Mitsubishi Montero, I slapped on some fresh exterior parts and the truck looks so much better for it. For this quick update, I put on the bumper over-riders, change out the turn signal plastic, and put a fresh Mitsubishi decal […]

Off-Road Testing the Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam in my old Montero

I’ve wanted a dash cam for a while now. Both for the insurance aspect of owning one plus the potential for capturing insane or awesome stuff while out and about. Nextbase recently hit us up to offer a few units to test, and I jumped at the chance. Especially since Nextbase touts its flagship model […]

This is what it’s like to make a car part with a 3D printer!

3D Printed Car Part

There’s a space in the center stack of my 1991 Mitsubishi Montero that could be more useful than it is right now. It’s a little cubby spot, below another cubby spot, below the radio. Some wise individual out there has already discovered a better use for this space, and they’ve done so thanks to the […]

The Jag: A quick cat-faced update to the headlights

A few weeks back, I mentioned I found some Marchal headlights on the World Wide Web. Well, I ordered those headlights and they recently showed up. That means it’s time to install them and see how they look on the Jag. Overall, I’m quite happy with the look of the headlights. However, I do think […]

Tony Montero: Let’s Refinish the Face

mitsubishi montero grille repaint

My 1991 Mitsubishi Montero needs a bit of love on its face. The grille and headlight surrounds are chipping and the black paint I sprayed a few years prior is fading. So I set out on an easy fix to help clean all that up. Yes, I will need to do this again down the […]

The Jag: Don’t drive things where they shouldn’t go…

jaguar xj6 chevy 350

There’s a car get-together that happens on Friday mornings in Los Angeles. It’s called the Good Vibes Breakfast Club, and it’s a thing I’ve wanted to attend for some months now. The issue for me is that it takes place at Newcomb’s Ranch up on Angeles Crest and I live down in the southern part […]

Tony Montero: Is it time to get more aggressive with this one?

first-gen montero mods

I’ve had my 1991 Mitsubishi Montero for some time now. I’m happy with the way it looks and I don’t see myself ever selling this one. That said, I am itching to do a bit more with it. And that means I may have to add to it. Initially, I told myself I wouldn’t put […]