A Return To Rugged Ridge

The phrase, “It’s a Jeep thing you wouldn’t understand” is one we have all heard, and to a point understand, but have you ever deep dived into the Jeep culture? Even just for a short time? A recent trip to Atlanta to visit Omix-ADA (i.e. Rugged Ridge) gave me a taste. In a fairly short […]

A Tour of Omix-ADA's Historic Jeep Collection

In the modest town of Suwanee, Georgia, there lies a remarkable collection of rare, unique, and otherwise significant Jeeps of all types and decades under a single roof. 27 Jeeps – all in full working order – reside at Omix-ADA’s headquarters and have just recently become accessible to the public through complimentary guided tours. They […]

Hoon's Day Out: LeMay Museum – The Indy Cars

This post comes to you just in time for the greatest spectacle in racing, the 97th running of the Indianapolis 500. The latest installment, of what I’m calling Hoon’s Day Out, is by far my favorite and one I’ve been looking forward to sharing for some time. Being a big racing fan, I spent a […]

Hoon's Day Out: LeMay America's Car Museum – The Longroofs

  In the latest installment of Hoon’s Day Out, I want to share with you some of the station wagons at the LeMay Museum. Of all the cars I saw that day, these are probably my favorite. I’m sure a certain olelongrooffan will concur. Let’s take a look at these classic wagons.

Hoon's Day Out: LeMay America's Car Museum – In the Lobby

In the previous installment, I showed you some of the great Ferraris contained in the Lemay museum. Today, I want to give you a quick tour of the lobby of this fine establishment before we get too far in. As soon as we walked in the door and saw a race car, a motorcycle, and […]

Hoon's Day Out: LeMay America's Car Museum – La Ferraris

In my previous post, I showed you around the parking lot of the LeMay museum in Tacoma, WA. That day, it just happened to be full of Ferraris of different kinds. I also mentioned that, while I appreciate them, I know little about these Italian thoroughbreds; several of you were kind enough to educate me in the comments, […]

Hoon's Day Out: LeMay America's Car Museum – Ferrambo

They call it Ferrambo. Here at Hooniverse, we often talk about crazy car mashups, unholy mechanical unions, often in the popular Craigslist Crapshoots. Have any of us ever dreamed of stuffing the engine from a 360 Modena into a 1960 Nash Rambler wagon? Well, dream no more, because I have just such an example for you […]

Hoons Day Out: LeMay – America's Car Museum – In the Parking Lot

Two weekends ago, a few of my good friends and I made a southerly sojourn, about 35 miles south of Seattle, to the Lemay -America’s Car Museum. It’s been around for just a few years, and this was our first trip. One of the largest car museums in the world, it can house up to 350 […]