Video: This is probably how it feels like to be a Miata

The funsters over at Mx5 International captioned a short clip from a MX-5 supercup race. Miatas are pretty personable with their friendly, dumb little faces, and this well-thought-out and a bit NSFW clip provides a realistic look into what goes through a MX-5 ECU at any given time.

Pirelli World Challenge: Diversity in Racing

When you first walk into the open paddock of the Pirelli World Challenge you are struck by two things. One, how open and inviting all of the teams big and small are. Two, that it almost has the variety of your local track day. Teams are either giant, almost factory efforts, or a small rag […]

We're at COTA all weekend for WEC and Tudor

I will be at both big races happening in Austin this weekend. WEC has the massive 6 hours of COTA and Tudor has the Lone Star LeMans. I have full paddock access for both series and I will be bringing you daily updates about the going on’s here in ATX. If you want anything specific, […]

When in Doubt, Camp Out: A First-Timer's View of the 12 Hours of Sebring

The folks who were there just to cover the final race were probably there and gone within 24 hours, but we camped out early to check out the full experience and to place ourselves within the non-stop 24-hour party that is the 12 Hours of Sebring. For me, it would be a first; three days of wonderful […]

Video: Bike-powered Subaru 360 is 'Rolex watch made out of garbage'

  Not so long ago, longtime sportscar racer and broadcaster Tommy Kendall called the 24 Hours of LeMons “…the second-most innovative (race) series on the planet.” That’s high praise from a former Le Mans driver, but if you’ve seen up close the work done by LeMons stalwarts Charnal House Racing, you know that Kendall is […]

24 Hours of LeMons: Gator-O-Rama 24 Preview

You’d think that a series called the 24 Hours of LeMons might hold an entire season of 24-hour races, but you also might think that Bigfoot is using HAARP to melt the polar icecaps or something. What does HAARP supposedly do again? And what was I talking about? Oh, right. Most 24 Hours of LeMons […]

24 Hours of LeMons: Racer dies during Carolina Motorsports Park race

A driver died last Saturday while racing in the 24 Hours of LeMons South Fall race at Carolina Motorsports Park. According to a mass email sent from LeMons’ headquarters, the Kershaw County Coroner’s Office determined the cause of death to be a massive coronary event, according to the email (later posted to the series’ Facebook […]

24 Hours of LeMons: LeMons South Fall Preview

The 24 Hours of LeMons heads to the South for its 100th race, which it happens to be one of the series’ marquee events, the LeMons South Fall race on Carolina Motorsports Park’s full circuit. Part of the draw is the usual on-track mayhem, but the main attraction occurs before the green flag even drops. […]

ChumpCar World Series: Weekend preview for MIS and The Ridge

This weekend sees one of ChumpCar World Series’ occasional two-race weekends, where Chump teams in two different regions take the low-buck endurance-racing challenge. Northern (and some Central) Region teams will tackle Michigan International Speedway’s “roval” course while the Western Region heads to ChumpCar’s Pacific Northwest stronghold to tackle The Ridge Motorsports Park (above). MIS racers […]