The greatest name in motorsport history is… Honda

honda ra272

It’s easy to make claims with respect to motorsport dominance. Porsche, for example, likes to talk about it having over 30,000 motorsport wins and thus being the most dominant manufacturer to go racing. If you’re counting spec series and club racer stuff, that’s probably true. Though I bet Mazda would like to chime in on […]

Johnny Lightning is making Diecast LeMons Racers

diecast 24 hours of lemons

Having your own vehicle turned into a diecast or scale version sounds pretty amazing. Take Riley Stair’s insane Firebird that recently became a treasured Hot Wheels collectible. Now another set of “legendary” machines are set to become immortalized in a small scale. Somehow, the boffins at the 24 Hours of LeMons headquarters have convinced 1/64-scale […]

24 Hours of Lemons: Engine Swap Adventure

cam lobe in oil pan

I will have more on this soon, as I’m still waking up from a weekend at a 24 Hours of LeMons race. But I wanted to share that lead image. That’s our oil pan after the initial parade lap on Saturday morning. On lap ZERO, our engine turned on the tumble dry setting and sent […]

American Flat Track: Can the King Keep His Crown?

Briar Bauman is seeking his third consecutive championship in American Flat Track’s top class, SuperTwins. The reigning Grand Champion has seen great success since joining the factory-backed effort from Indian Motorcycles in 2019. Unseating the then champion Jared Mees, whose team is also backed by the factory Indian effort. Entering the race weekend at Sacramento, […]

Project Cars – When It’s Time to Let Go

lada lemons jalopnik hooniverse

Most of us car idiots are on constant search for cool project cars. For many of us it is a way of coping with undiagnosed ADHD or perhaps it is it a form of therapy we don’t know we need. For others, it is an escape from a stressful world into an environment that they […]

Meet Your Heroes: Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 Edition

audi quattro s1 e2 rally car

Carfection’s Henry Catchpoole gets to drive a lot of great machines. And he’s really good at communicating what he’s experiencing with those vehicles. Today, Catchpoole jumps behind the wheel of something a bit more special than usual. Audi in the UK let Henry get in some laps in its Group B Quattro S1 E2 rally […]

Mitsubishi creates great livery for Rebelle Rally to honor Dakar history

mitsubishi outlandar rebelle rally dakar livery

Mitsubishi will run its 2022 Outlander in the upcoming Rebelle Rally. The vehicle will be driven by military veterans and it’s wearing a livery that pays homage to its Dakar roots and one kick-ass driver. Jutta Kleinschmidt is a German racer who piloted a Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution in the 2001 Dakar Rally and won. She […]

Bowler wants you racing in the new Defender [Mega Gallery Inside]

Back in 2019, Land Rover took a good look at Bowler and decided to bring the rally raid firm in-house. That’s very good news because it means we get a vehicle like the one you see here. This is the Bowler Defender. And it’s not just a vehicle being churned out for those with a […]

Jump start your LeMons goals with this Porsche 944

old porsche for sale

Are you ready to jump into the high-revving world that is shit-box racing? I’ve got the perfect starting point for you and your team. There’s a 1985 Porsche 944 for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and it’s priced at that $500 magic point. The car is a former LeMons racer with what appears to be a […]

Enter the hypnotic world of Japanese Oval Super Battle racing

japanese oval super battle racing

That lead image says a lot. You have a handful of two-wheel race machines competing in some manner of motorsport. The course is an oval, and the playing field is far more level than you might think. Sure you can see what appear to be a pair of liter bikes in the shot, but you’ll […]