Here are some great overtakes from the 79th Goodwood Member’s Meeting

goodwood members meeting

There are a handful of events every year that wear the Goodwood tag. You have the Festival of Speed, which I’ve attended and loved. There’s the Revival, which anyone who’s been will say is the best. But the really amazing event held at Goodwood seems to be the Member’s Meeting. It has a smaller crowd […]

Watch these two Ford GT40 race cars battle it out at Goodwood

Andre Lotterer is in the blue car. Gordon Shedden is wheeling in the silver car. One of these men is a multiple British Touring Car champion. The other is a multiple winner at Le Mans. When you talk about great showdowns, this is a prime example of that. A pair of Ford GT40s rip around […]

Watch Mr. Le Mans go from 18th to 3rd in a Ford GT40

ford gt40 racing at goodwood

Tom Kristensen is known as Mr. Le Mans for good reason. The man has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans an amazing nine times. Of those wins, six were consecutive. Kristensen is the best driver to suit up and run Le Mans. So to say he knows what he’s doing behind the wheel of […]

Romain Dumas destroys Goodwood record in the Volkswagen ID.R

Way back in 1999, Nick Heidfeld drove the wheels of a McLaren MP4/13. He was racing along the Goodwood Hill Climb course during the Festival of Speed. Heidfeld set an amazing time of 41.60 seconds. That time stood tall as the fastest run… until 2019, when it’s been unseated by an electric race car. The […]

Classic Mini race cars are the originators of three-wheel motion

Goodwood Member's Meeting Mini race

The 77th Goodwood Member’s Meeting is this April. To get you excited for vintage race car action, the Goodwood YouTube channel is doling out some on-track excitement. We’re starting small here, but sometimes smaller is better. Especially when that bit of small is a real Mini race car. Some of you may associate three-wheel motion […]

Settrington Cup – Real Racing(TM) in vintage pedal cars at Goodwood

Goodwood is all about cars. But we must recall our younger years when many of us were already car enthusiasts yet we were years away from being able to drive. Some of us wanted to design cars, others to restore or customize them. Others just wanted to race. Settrington Cup is the Goodwood race in vintage […]

These are the best donuts from the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed

I guess you’re never really done with covering Goodwood. Case in point: The Goodwood YouTube channel just released a supercut of the best donuts from the 2018 Festival of Speed. Here you’ll find rally cars, drift cars, supercars, F1 race cars, road race cars including the oversized BMW M8 GTE, and even a Ford Ranger. Which […]

Mad Mike's Modified Mazda: MADBUL

The greatest thing about any hobby is variety. The determined reader has endless books to choose from, the whisky connoisseur might spend a lifetime tracing some elusive expression that was distilled 80 years ago and thought lost to history. Meanwhile, motorists and car enthusiasts can either satisfy themselves with the machines plentifully available in their […]

Rally cars of Goodwood: All the world's a stage

Ah, just when you thought it was over. For the three or four individuals who have yet to tire of our 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed coverage, you’ll be pleased to know that I have a swollen bag of images and things to release in dribs and drabs over the coming weeks. This’ll be my […]

A '68 AMC AMX… Rally car?

Amid the lovelies seeking shade at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed rally paddock, you’ll encounter a deliciously varied array of classics. Some, like the Lancia Fulvia, Ford Escort, Subaru Impreza, Mini Cooper and Ford RS200 are larger than life rally heroes, permanently etched into history for their contribution to motorsport. Others, well, others aren’t […]