Part 2: ARX At Circuit Of The Americas With Subaru

In part one of the story about the trip to COTA for the ARX season finale with Subaru, I focused on the series and the preverbal “10,000-foot view”. In part two we will dive in and have a closer look at the team and the cars. First though, two fun facts.  Number one: Lance Smith, who […]

This is American Rallycross [Part 1]

The inaugural American Rallycross (ARX) series swung into Austin for its season finale. It was at the Circuit of the Americas where the stage was set for roaring, sliding, soaring action. Rallycross, in its various forms, has been an intriguing series for a while now. Having grown up in the glory years of Group B, I’ve […]

RedBull Global Rallycross – Excellent racing watched by few

Red Bull Global Rallycross makes its debut in Indianapolis this weekend, July 8-9, at Lucas Oil Raceway. What is it? It’s probably some of the best racing one can watch live.  It’s basically rally racing on a small circuit, between half a mile and a mile in length, with a handful of cars at the […]