Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Say Goodbye to Team Trailing Throttle Oversteer

It is with sad news that I must report that the infamous 1963 Corvair Sedan that participated in the New England edition of the 24 Hours of Lemons during the past couple of years has been retired to that great bone-yard in the sky. There are several reasons why this happened, and none of them […]

Trial By Smoke, Part 2: Racing LeMons In a 1963 Corvair

Part 2 of my LeMons New England excursion. This time, I actually get to drive the damn thing. Read Part 1 here! Barely minutes after the Corvair heads to the track, it was seen turning back into the pits. “He’s pulling in, he’s coming in,” our team shouted, dashing down the grandstand to find out […]

Trial By Smoke: Racing LeMons in a 1963 Corvair

Because Hooniverse knows you’re never sick of LeMons coverage, here’s my report from the Boston Tow Party and Overhead Cam Bake that would have run earlier, if my laptop hadn’t died a crippling, painful death. Aren’t Thinkpads supposed to be the Jeep 4.0 inline-six of the computing world? The Chevrolet Corvair is a car whose […]

The 24 Hours of LeMons Weekend – New England 2009

Just to wet your appitite for this upcoming weekend, I decided to re-visit this little video from the local Fox Station affiliate Fox 61. They did a great job outlining the race, with a bit of color commentary, a lot of humor, and a bit of banter after the segment aired. I don’t remember any […]

Last Call: Team Trailing Throttle Oversteer Rides Again

Yes, there’s another posting about TTTO and the infamous 1963 Corvair, that will be participating at “The Boston Tow Party & Overhead Cam Bake” otherwise known as the 24 Hours of LeMons New England. You already know that Blake Rong will be there on my team, but now comes the bad news. There is no […]

Team Trailing Throttle Oversteer: Its Alive…. ALIVE!

Yes, the Corvair lives. Late Sunday, the engine cranked over, and smoked profusely (because of all the Marvel Mystery Oil no doubt) but the little engine that could is running, though not as healthy as last year. Read more after the break….