24 Hours of LeMons – Thunderhill: The Ranchero rides again

We’re back, and we’ve brought *another* old Ford Ranchero. The 24 Hours of LeMons at Thunderhill is a crazy event. Mostly because it takes place over five miles of race circuit. This race runs the full configuration at Thunderhill. If something happens on the backside, it’s going to be awhile until the wrecker gets you […]

24 Hours of Lemons: HooptieCon East, NJMP 2019 Wrap-up

This year’s 24 Hours of Lemons at New Jersey Motorsport Park was a lot more than just the typical race. It was the race and Hooptie Con AND Radwood – three events in one. Sadly, we missed it this year. But Lemons has provided a hella sweet©®™ wrap-up video of weekend’s events. Check it out.

24 Hours of Lemons: The Flying Bimmers of New Jersey

We all love racing – participating, spectating, watching it on TV. But we would be damn liars if we didn’t admit that part of the allure of racing is seeing a wreck. Deny it all you want but those are the greatest oh, ah, OMG, oh shit yea, and oh yeah, yea, yeah! moments. In the […]

24 Hours of LeMons at Thunderhill: The Ranchero rides again

1962 ford ranchero lemons

Well, not that Ranchero. This is Ranchero 2.0, and it’s much better than the other 1962 Ford car-truck that it replaces. And it was my race car for a recent weekend of adventure in Northern California. Tim (Mad_Science) Odell has been hard at work transforming a second old shitty Ranchero into a racing machine. This time […]

Last Call: Regal Dusk Edition

buick lemons hooniverse

This past weekend there was a very special 24 Hours of Lemons race. It was special in the fact that it was an actual 24-hour race, from 11:00am to 11:00am the next day, as oppose to the typical lemons races that are broken up into two days and halted for the night. The Hooniverse Buick […]

LeMons Australia is trying to run an event at Bathurst

Our favorite motorsport series, the 24 Hours of LeMons, has its icy tentacles in pots all over the globe. Well, the local folks really just license the name, but there are LeMons races that take place outside the cozy confines of the USA. For example, the 24 Hours of LeMons craptastic-palooza can be found down […]

Travis Pastrana and his crew take on the 24 Hours of LeMons

Nitro Circus takes on the 24 Hours of LeMOns

The team of daredevils at the Nitro Circus can handle all manner of vehicles. Be it two wheels or four, motorized or pedal and foot powered, this is a crew of men and women that can shred, slide, drift, wheelie, flip, and kick ass. They even compete in top-tier motorsport events… and now that includes […]

Let’s examine this HELLA SWEET potential LeMons cheat

LeMons World multi-car loophole gambit

There are many ways in which 24 Hours of LeMons competitors can attempt to play fast and loose with the series rules. Cheater-spec parts are the most obvious, of course. Hide some upgraded bits deep in your engine and hope the tech folks won’t find it all. They will, but bravo for trying. There’s another […]

Vintage LeMons: Watch the Race Driver Barbie unboxing

Race Driver Barbie at the 24 Hours of LeMons

If you follow our old friend Murilee Martin on YouTube, you get to see a slew of 24 Hours of LeMons videos. Taken over the course of Phil’s many years of LeMons service, the videos are moments in times from various races. One of the recent videos shows a team with a fun theme at […]

LeMons: Young teams with big hearts

Team name: Shake & Bake Team members (L to R) Matt Leger, Pedro Garcia, Matt Cone, Daniel Crescitelli The beautiful thing about Lemons is that it hosts such a wonderful cross section of the racing community. One one hand, you have the veteran teams who’ve been around for many races, know exactly what to do, […]