Last Call: Relay that signal, please

i fixed it

The other day, I washed my Montero. As I was driving home the turn signals decided to stop working. All the other lights worked fine, including the hazard lights. But the turn signals wouldn’t signal my turns. Turns out (hehe) that it’s typically the relay that goes wrong here, so I popped into my local […]

Last Call: Gen 3 Ford Raptors reporting for pre-dawn duty

ford raptor in the dark

Journalists are in Nevada to drive the new Ford Raptor. And, likely because it’s insanely hot there during the day right now, it seems the groups are beginning their drive events before the sun comes up. So MotorAuthority’s Joel Feder captured the trucks rolling to a stop before the sun is sweltering overhead. Last Call indicates […]

Last Call: Casually cool bit of full opposite lock at 140 mph

indycar full lock

Maybe you’ve gone full lock in your car before. And I bet it was scary. But have you done so at 140 mph near another car and a rapidly approaching wall? IndyLights racer Kyle Kirkwood has, and it looks… “fun”. Big snap from Race 1 lap 2. I had to send it early if I […]

Last Call: A Miata on a Gravel Road is a Glorious Thing

miata on a gravel road

What’s your favorite type of road? One of mine is a nicely graded stretch of gravel. You don’t need to be going flat out to enjoy your vehicle as the limits come way down, while the fun goes way up. Here are two perfect examples of this idea. In each photo you’ll see a Mazda […]

Last Call: Whats the funniest sticker you have seen on a vehicle?

DJR Mirror sticker

I spotted this great sticker on one of the Dick Johnson Racing Ford Mustang Supercars during the weekend’s coverage of racing from Hidden Valley in Australia. It gave me a good laugh and also got me thinking; what’s the best sticker you have ever seen on a car, truck, or race car? Last Call indicates […]

Last Call: Kicking it with Max Verstappen

max verstappen kick

Max Verstappen had an unfortunate end to his Azerbaijan GP. He suffered a tire blowout with just 5 laps remaining in the race. As he climbed from the car, Verstappen gave his tire a kick in frustration. And now the Internet responds with a video showing Max doling out kick-based punishment to others. Enjoy. Last […]

Last Call: If you had to pick one…

mclaren f1 mercedes clk amg gtr porsche strassenversion

Carfection just completed a three-part test of some of the most amazing machines ever built. Henry Catchpole hopped behind the wheel of a McLaren F1, Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR, and a Porsche 911 GT1. His conclusion, at the end of the test, is that if he had to pick one to stare at it would […]

Last Call: When It Rains, It Pours

When I saw this guy on the Interstate, all I could think was that life had probably not been very gentile with him lately. The downpour probably just felt like an unnecessary insult. DISCLAIMER: My wife was driving. I took this photo through the windshield from the passenger seat.

Last Call: Jeep Abilities Edition

jeep wrangler 394 v8

When marketing and selling a new vehicle, it is best to show the potential customer what its abilities are. Pictured here is local Jeep dealer displaying its new V8-powerd Wrangler Rubicon 392. This monster, that comes with 33-inch tires and a suspension that two inches higher than the typical Wrangler Rubicon, has abilities that few […]

Last Call: A bit too much of that Dyno MIGHT!

charger hellcat explodes on dyno

Someone commented on the below video that at least the vehicle is already on a trailer. And that’s both hilarious… and sad. Watch this Charger Hellcat go kablammo on the old dyno. Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not […]