High-Power Heaven: Putting the BMW M4 GT4 Through Its Paces

As an off-road enthusiast and automotive journalist, I typically write about all sorts of customized four-wheel drive and adventure vehicles. My roads of choice are usually dirt, rock, snow, or sand. Not often do I get to experience racetrack challenges, but my time spent at the BMW Performance Center’s BMW M4 GT4 Experience program proved […]

The many vehicles of Overland Expo East 2019

Apologies are in order, I think. I feel like Hooniverse has turned into camping/off-road/4×4/adventure website. I assure you that this is a coincidence. We still love old, shitty, rare, and obscure cars. But sometimes it’s good to look into other things, too. I promise that Jeff will soon burn the rubber something with too much […]

Two nights in two very different roof-top tents

Vehicular roof-top tents (RTT) are nothing new. Campers, explorers, and people who couldn’t afford hotels have been using them for decades. But because everyone is an overlander now days, they have recently surged in popularity. There are so many styles, sizes, and cost options that there is an RRT for everyone. I have recently sampled […]

Visiting the ISC Archives and Research Center at Daytona International Speedway

ISC, International Speedway Corporation, owns or operates thirteen of our nation’s premier race tracks. Daytona International Speedway is one of those tracks. In order to preserve the long history of racing in Daytona, ISC created the ISC Archives and Research Center, which located about three miles from the track. The main purpose of the facility […]

Go experience an NHRA drag racing event in person

The numbers are staggering. At the highest level of drag racing, the Funny Car and Top Fuel race sleds are propelled down the strip by 11,000 horsepower monster motors. In just 1,000 feet of tarmac, a Funny Car will reach 320 to 340 miles per hour and needs less than four seconds to do so. […]

Visiting the Maserati Factory Showroom in Modena

My summer family trip to us to Italy this year. After four days in Rome, we headed north to Tuscany in a rented Fiat van. It’s beautiful there, those that have not been must absolutely go. Ruins, old cities, fantastic landscapes, and some of the most amazing food and wines in the world. If planned […]

Random street parked cars of Italy

This summer vacation my family and I traveled to Italy. Specifically, we visited Rome and points north, specifically Tuscany or Bologna. In the four days we spent in Rome we did all touristy things you can name: Coliseum, Pantheon, the Vatican, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and numerous restaurants and coffee shops. Then, thanks to you, […]

Ace Performance – performance shop with something for everyone

I have mentioned Ace Performance many times on these pages. It is the performance shop that was started by my good friend Baer Connard almost ten years ago. I frequent it often. Sometimes I just go there to have lunch with an old friend. Sometimes Baer calls me to come over and check out some weird/interesting […]

Roadtrip 2018 – Northern Italy, part 1: Renting the right car

My life was so much different before my kids were born. We used to travel a lot, all over the world. Even weekends spent home were not spent at home. Year round I’d find somewhere new to go, something new to see, near and far. Over the last ten years I feel like I have […]