Out of all the Jeep pickup trucks, which one is the best?

Which Jeep truck is the best of the bunch? To some, it’s a straightforward answer. For me, the best Jeep pickup is the FC with off-road tires and wheels, and a camper conversion set on the back. But then there’s also the Commando, which is a capable & gorgeous off-road rigs. Plus it’s called the […]

I miss the Hummer H2

I graduated from high school ten years ago in the proud class of 2008, a year before Hummer pulled the plug on its ginormous H2 and two years before the brand itself was buried away in a graveyard alongside Saturn and Pontiac. You know those cars that you just don’t want to love, but, you […]

Hooniversal Opinion: 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Design

“The Blazer is back!” were the words I saw flying across the Twitterverse late yesterday evening. I was ecstatic to read this, cuing up vivid dreams of a newfound rebirth of the truck-based Blazer I had grown up with, coming back from the dead. Would we see a new, small 4×4 in the Chevy lineup […]

When Trucks Were Trucks

Your narrator grew up in rural Michigan, where livestock outnumber people tenfold, and every household has at least one truck. My family wasn’t particularly brand loyal, but our trucks were always made in the USA, and were always single-cab bench-seat rubber-floor-mat work truck specials. Our trucks, be they Ram, Silverado, or F-150, had an AM/FM […]

BMW Concept Z4 Debuts at Pebble Beach

BMW has just unveiled the Concept Z4 on the pristine, oil-soaked lawns of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. We’re expecting to see an all-new Z4 roadster in production form within the next year or so and this design study offers up a preview of what’s to come. After selling the gorgeous E89 Z4 mostly unchanged […]

Hooniversal Opinion – 2017 New York International Auto Show

One of America’s largest annual auto shows is kicking off this week, so as is tradition, this is the part where most of your regular Hooniverse contributors get together and discuss the new cars making their debut here. The New York International Auto Show is setting a stage for nearly two dozen new cars to make their […]