San Francisco and the Illegal Soapbox Society

For every period in time, there’s a piece that you’ll have nostalgia for because it reminds you of some fun times in your life. For me, I look back on the ’90s with memories of flowing flannel, high school shenanigans, and even a chance of scenery from the west coast to the east coast. Back […]

Watch Don Garlits fire up his old Chrysler V8-powered air raid siren

Air raid sirens aren’t in use like they used to be. At least, as it relates to war-time activity. There was a time, however, when residents in certain parts of this country might hear a terrifying wail. These sirens were in place to warn of any pending attacks. And the sound they produce needs to […]

Coming soon: Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s long-awaited Long Way Up

It’s been a while since Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman have done one of their epic motorcycle trips. Thirteen years ago, in 2007, they gave us Long Way Down. The trek south from John o’ Groats in Scotland to South America’s Cape Town was a massive undertaking. It was a journey that gave us a […]

No Time to Die trailer shows off great James Bond vehicular insanity

You know there’s going to be an Aston Martin. There will most certainly be Land Rovers. And you should go into this knowing that the stunts will be great. The second official trailer for No Time to Die is here and it nails all that I just said. Right out of the gate, there’s an insane […]

This was rush hour during the Space Age

The Space Age truly kicked off when the Soviet Union blasted Sputnik 1 into orbit around Earth. This happened back in 1957 and it ushered in an era of technological advancement. Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space in April of 1961 and then Alan Shephard followed soon after in May of that same […]

Magnus Walker talks Porsche turbo cars both old and new

Magnus Walker is a man who has some insight into Porsche ownership. The long-bearded one has owned and driven many a German sports car. His current fleet includes a wonderful 1975 Porsche 930. Walker wanted to see how far Porsche has come with the Turbo so he took a drive in the hills in the […]

Add a supercharger to your Miata and… go slower?

Friend of Hooniverse Jason Fenske is supercharging his ND Miata. We showed you the install video recently. Jason and his buddy Charles (the Humble Mechanic) installed the supercharger, flashed the ECU, and now Jason is driving his souped-up, more powerful, faster Miata… except it’s not faster. Somehow, it’s now slower. Before the install, Jason performed […]

How to supercharge a Mazda Miata

Jason Fenske explains a supercharger

Step 1 is to be friends with the Humble Mechanic. Step 2 is to buy a used Mazda MX-5 Miata. Step 3 is to slap an Edelbrock supercharger. And finally, Step 4 is to drive the crap out of the thing once you get it down off the lift. Friend of Hooniverse Jason Fenske bought […]

Want more Boot? Glickenhaus has a short film on its SCG Boot from Baja

The Glickenhaus Baja Boot is one of my favorite vehicles out there. If you’ve not heard of it, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus took inspiration from Steve McQueen’s original Baja Boot and has built a modern version. The resulting rig rips off-road, and SCG plans to build road versions. In two or four-door guise, each will be […]

Watch Alan Ampudia and Lil Jon rip a Trophy Truck through Ensenada

Alan Ampudia and Lil Jon in a Trophy Truck

Sure, right off the bat it seems to be an “homage” to BJ Baldwin’s insane Recoil 2 video. But this time, instead of BJ we’ve got Baja 1000 winner Alan Ampudia driving rapper Lil Jon through the streets of Ensenada. The destination? Papas and Beer. The route to get there? Not a direct one, but […]